MT4 Get 100% Quotes From Your BEST Broker – Analytics & Forecasts – 22 January 2022

Greetings !
Recently, I have increasingly noticed how new systems with 90% quality appear in MT4

Novice programmers use MetaQuotes quotes with 90% quality

This definitely won’t work in real trading! These are not your broker quotes in real trading!

These prices are two or three times lower than the real historical prices from your broker

That’s about 20 million real quotes, which are not enough in history with 90% quality.

MQL has been trying to attract users to MT5 for many years

For developers of MQL software systems, this is very difficult and aggressive.

Personally I don’t like that MT5 consumes my VPS RAM 2-3 times more than MT4, MT4 is light and doesn’t require much RAM

Also, many brokers are in no hurry to switch to MT5, as this will cost them a large amount.

Yes, it is really expensive for the broker to use MT5

MT4 does not allow us to use historical prices for testing directly from your broker

Many people are already using TickDataSuite, it allows you to get quotes from DukasCopy with 99% quality

But these are not quotes from your broker, these are quotes from someone else from Dukas

I don’t want to say it’s bad or good, it’s not from your broker or another broker

This is one of the reasons why test results differ so much from real trading.

To get a qualitative test in MT4 with 100% quotes directly from your broker, you need to do a number of tricks

In TickDataSuite you can create your own quotes and currency pairs, you can put them in forex and earn millions of dollars

Joke, can not

But you can convert 100% real historical prices with variable spreads, slippage, commissions and swaps from MT5 to MT4

To do this, we need the free TickDataSuite

Open MT5, check the MarketWatch tab of the selected best MT5 broker, right click select icon

Select the Tags tab from the top, select the EURUSD currency pair, and select the date from and to

We start downloading quotes

Next we save our quotes to a file, roughly 2 years of quotes in 2GB

After that launch TickDataSuite

Choose Source (Bidding Provider)

Add a new broker MyBrokerName

Can’t GMT and DST, that quotes already contain this data

Next we add the AddSymbol button for EURUSD

Next, we fill this new symbol with our own quotes, which we previously saved from MT5

Click on StratImport

Thus, we have transferred quotes from MT5 to TickDataSuite

Launch MT4 and click

After that select the new quote provider and the symbol we imported from MT5

For ICMarkets GMT = 2 DST = US, these are broker settings

You can also add a commission for a swap broker broker

Just use Tick Data Settings d MT4

For optimization and testing of trading systems I usually use 100% real prices from ICMarkets Raw, Tickmill Pro, Pepperstone Razor and FPMarkets

Thank you for reading this to the end.

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