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hmmm… “great devs” is stretching a little bit. I would call them “good” because of many annoyances/issues/problems still present in the kite app and kite mobile. May be they have their hands full dealing with real life issues and problems. But given the boast about kite app … we should call a spade a spade.

Of many things, the last one which annoyed me is … the orders page displaying the times as “few mins ago”, “10 mins ago” etc. ** What?? ** Absolute times would be useful to cross check with the chart or just to update our journals. They had to make an extra effort to complicate things. Very bad.

If anybody is curious … few more things here.

  1. mm/dd display chart-iq chart in kite mobile and dd/mm in kite web (kite web was updated after somebody commented harshly, IIRC).

  2. Font size and colors in kite web. It may be the web 2.0 or later styling. But how could one look for prolonged time? Very bad.

  3. The pane below the chart. Useless and causes trouble if you use mouse a lot and make changes to chart often.

  4. Wasting screen real estate. Again this may be the new styling everywhere else. But it is not suited for a trading app.

  5. %change and absolute change in kite web market watch. If a small phone screen can show both, desktop/laptop screens cant? very bad.

  6. Scrip symbol naming. Was too bad earlier. Now it is fine for marketwatch search. But very bad in the shortlisted items when searching within the chart.

  7. Options chain. The sensibull one is very bad. Kit should have its own.

  8. Browser titlebar text changes every tick with LTP but it is practically useless since it is behind the symbol name and usually windows and browsers shortens the text in the tab bar and task bar.

  9. Kite web automatically saves chart-iq changes as default settings. It is confusing when you make a small change (eg. 15m to 1hour) and come back little later. Because of this auto save, every time one has to check if the chart settings are as they want … or one should apply a saved view. very bad.

  10. Kite mobile … open order window in chart and closing it takes to marketwatch and not back to chart. Similar problems in few other transitions.

… surely we can find some more things we look little harder.

Many of these things could have been found easily and can be fixed easily if the devs and mgmt has little inclination towards it. We can use words like “company culture”, “priorities” etc. But at the end… kite still needs a lot of fixing and tuning and the pace it happens is toooooo slow.

BTW, there was a memory leak with kite web and I had to do a full day QA work and then fight with @siva to agree (or take it to devs). It was fixed silently after a week or so.

“Option chain” or trade-from-chart like big features taking long time or totally dropped is … understandable. But mm/dd format still in kite mobile … even after about 18 months … is really bad.

NOTE: With all these complaints, I still use the kit and feel it is better than all other alternatives. I just wish it is improved some more and little quickly.

FYI: @nithin, @Arockiya_Raja, @siva,

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