My experience & tips for trading – My Trading – 14 January 2022

Hello traders!

Before I begin, I would like to make it clear that this is just my personal opinion and experience.

I will tell you about myself,

My name is Diane, I’m from France.

In my childhood I never did well in school, study, find a job and stick to it all my life, no thanks not for me.
Then I discovered trading, when I was still in high school, I was 17 years old.

Initially, I did my research as best I could, i.e. with the help of books, YouTube videos, and blogs.
It was so complicated, but I felt like this was my way, so I just kept moving forward and never gave up.

So like most people I started trading forex manually on MT4. You have endured losses and losses. And I started over, until I used up all my money. I didn’t understand what my problem was…why were there merchants who made their living from trade and not me?

I have read dozens of books on trading and have taken into consideration the advice of top traders.

I was asking myself questions:

“Should I continue?”

“What if I’m wasting my time?”

“Maybe this is not me?”

It was the only “job” that piqued my interest. So I isolated myself to question myself and understand.
When I discovered books on personal development, I realized at that moment that knowing myself is very important, for myself and my business.

The Law of Attraction, the positive attracts the positive, make new habits…
But I still lost my money, and started again every time.

That’s when I discovered psychology, and natural language processing in particular.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Born out of behavioral observation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) defines a whole range of techniques (dissociation, paraphrasing…) and methods aimed at promoting an individual’s personal development.

Simply put, this is what we are in the mind, our physical position:

    • Happy, rich, win = good standing, good mind.
    • Unhappy, poor, loser = bad posture, bad mind.

Why do I think this is important?

When you put yourself in the shoes of a wealthy and happy person, and imitate their situations, you have a greater chance of success (I would point out that you can feel rich and happy while staying true to yourself, this is just a question of mindset).

If you keep telling yourself that you are poor and that you will not make it (my old mistake), then yes, your mind will register it, and you will have little chance of success.

I applied all his advice and, above all, changed my way of trading, I no longer trade manually, but with the help of trading bots (EA).

I have bought many bots that promise high profits, and finally I’ve always been disappointed… Yes, at first you get profit, money comes in, so you feel good. Then little by little, you start taking losses, losing your money. No more, I told myself I wouldn’t make the same mistakes.
So I thought of a solution, so I decided To create my own bots, it’s an important challenge.

I would have known how my bot was configured, and especially understood how it works. Because when I bought the EAs I didn’t know anything at all, only the descriptions, but without really any details.

You’ll tell me that creating bots from day to day is a real challenge.

I accepted the challenge and started the program with lots of practice.

I launched my first expert advisor program, and the results weren’t very convincing, but always remember that “no pain no gain”.

Today I have been creating Expert Advisors for 3 years, and gained incredible knowledge through my work. I’m very proud of myself, and that wasn’t the case when I started. It is important that you value your work, it gives you a boost and makes you move forward.

I registered here on MQL5 to share my Expert Advisors (EAs) with you. I am not saying that they are better than others, but I can tell you that they work honestly and that I systematically test them over the course of one month. I won’t sell you tricks.

Many people will tell you the same thing, which is why I decided to put online a completely free advisor that you can find here:

It’s an EA that trades gold, it won’t require a lot of trades, but it’s very interesting in the long run.

(Because all of my EAs are built to last for the long term. I’ve learned over time that trading is all about patience.
Also, I’m trying to keep backtracking to a minimum).

You can test it out as a demo to get started with, if you want.
I am very proud of this expert advisor, so of course it took me a lot of working hours,
But in order to better understand my method of trading, I think it is better to introduce it to you.

I hope you enjoyed a little experience and advice.

thank you for your time.
If you have any questions, you can send me a message, I am active, please do not hesitate.

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