Myles Turner and his hazy trade deadline situation

With the Indiana Pacers still at the heart of the rumor mill as the trade deadline approaches, one of the center’s top trade candidates, Myles Turner, could easily find himself in another city after February 10. However, his market positioning may not be as straightforward as expected.

After a recent foot injury has knocked him out of commission for about two weeks now, and his layoff continues as the Pacers continue their free fall in the rankings, potential buyers of his services have been described as more reluctant than ever to bid for the artist eyebrow.

Indiana Pacers may struggle to deal with teams in Miles Turner’s deal before trade deadline

When healthy, Miles Turner easily becomes a hot commodity in the commercial market, given that his in-demand skill set, reasonable hold, and broad roster control (signed until 2024) are attractive enough for teams to chase after, especially for those who need a ground separator who can Act effectively as a defensive anchor.

However, while his injury remains relatively minor, his track record also does not suggest a purely optimistic picture. If the front office of the Indiana Pacers insists on striking a deal for auto-update, they may risk not being able to maximize the value of his trade, which he could simply rebuild again if the franchise extends negotiations to the off-season, which is still a reasonable path to take.

While fans may not be too keen on the idea of ​​the team keeping both Turner and Domantas Sabonis (who is unlikely to trade) past the deadline, it is understandable that allowing a single buyer to grab apples to satisfy a quick trading craving is poor asset management.

Holding both positions eliminates or restricts the path for other young players to score more minutes to save a losing season, but it is simply the injury fact that simplifies the commercial interest and potential returns.

Ultimately, with how things are currently shaping up, fans should prepare to swallow the possibility of the Indiana Pacers retaining their old front perimeter past the actual expiration point once again.

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