NFL insider notebook: Super ending won’t stop 49ers from trading Jimmy G, plus conference championship picks

Picture this: The San Francisco 49ers won on Sunday and went on to win the LVI Super Bowl on February 13th. A little over four weeks later, just as the champagne hangover might finally be wearing off, Jimmy Garoppolo has officially been traded to another team.

We haven’t seen her before. Trent Dilfer is the only Super Bowl-winning QB to be with another team the following year, and that was after the Ravens decided not to re-sign him. This will be the Niners actively trading the Super Bowl-winning quarterback to another team and moving forward with Trey Lance’s No. 3 pick in 2021.

Yes, even if the 49 players win this season, I still think Garoppolo will be traded. In fact, winning will make the probability of trading higher, as if it could go higher than it already is.

Garoppolo, head coach Kyle Shanahan, and just about everyone in this building know that other than something wildly unexpected, Garoppolo won’t be in San Francisco after this season.

“It’s been like this for a while, since we made this trade, the more we can accept and know about it and not beat around the bush, the easier it will be to carry on with your jobs,” Shanahan said earlier this week. When asked if this could be Garoppolo’s last trip with the Niners. “And that’s what we all did and we all enjoyed each other as people, we all respect each other’s hells in our professions. And I think it just allowed everyone to just move on and be themselves.”

“And I think over the course of the year, that allowed him to improve, it allowed our team to improve, it allowed me to improve and focus on what we have to focus on and try to be as good at our jobs as possible.”

The job will be Lance next year. But despite what fans and some media might think, there has been no internal motivation to trade Garoppolo for Lance this season. The competition wasn’t close in the training camp, it wasn’t close during the season, and it won’t be close this season, except for a historic struggle in the remaining match.

Garoppolo was good enough not to lose the Niners in those two matches, but he wasn’t necessarily good enough. He threw in multiple interceptable passes (he’s got two already) while only completing 61% of his passes for 6.9 yards per attempt.

What will he go for? The Niners have the inherent leverage of having a strong 30-year-old midfielder who can lead you to the playoffs (and possibly win the Super Bowl). . His injury history doesn’t help either. If he wins the Super Bowl, you’ll probably have to give up a late first player if you’re in competition with another team. In short, choosing the second day will do the trick. Perhaps the choice hinges on future play percentage – like the parole first player Indy sent to Philly for Carson Wentz – will be what it takes.

Garoppolo has one year left on his deal, with a cap of $26.9 million. It doesn’t really matter because any team deliberating on the day one or two picks will sign them to a new deal that would lower that cap in 2022 anyway. The Niners would, in theory, be more inclined to trade it with the AFC rather than NFC.

Houston could easily give up the first-round pick. Pittsburgh just showed they just need a quarterback who’s off the sticks and plays well in the fourth quarter to make it to the playoffs, and Garoppolo would be an improvement over Ben Roethlisberger in the past three years or so. Denver could look his way if the trade with Aaron Rodgers doesn’t materialize.

NFC teams offer a number of ifs and s for him to land there. Like if New Orleans can get far enough, if Washington misses a first-class QB, if Tom Brady retires, or if Carolina can’t catch Deshaun Watson

It benefits the 49ers to get this trade done quickly if they win on Sunday and beyond. Unlike Alex Smith’s trade from Kansas City to Washington, this deal will be concluded long before the free agency begins so as not to compete with potential Rodgers/Watson/Russell Wilson sweepstakes.

Giants approaching the coach

The Giants could move on to a head coach early Friday evening after their latest interview with Leslie Frazier.

New York committed to a wide open operation, but Bills OC Brian Daboll was snagged as the favorite from the moment Joe Schoen was brought aboard. Patrick Graham will one day be a head coach. There may be no better human being in the NFL than Frasier. And despite all of their scrutiny of Brian Flores, it’s been tough for the Giants to bring someone with his softshells after two years with Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge together.

With Dolphins doing a second round of interviews this weekend, the Giants won’t have to pounce on Daboll as quickly as possible if he’s their pick. But I imagine, among this group of candidates, New York will have its man by the end of Saturday.

Leftwich . dynamic sticking point Baalke

The Jaguars may have to re-look for their main training now even though they got off to a great start four weeks after Urban Meyer was fired.

Byron Liftwich, who is the front-runner for the job, has fundamental differences with GM Trent Balkey, and I’m not sure they’ll be able to work it out. Even if they could, the fact that the situation was rocky before they worked together suggests that it wouldn’t get any better if and when they started working together. The other finalists – Nathaniel Hackett (Denver) and Matt Ebervloss (Chicago) – were signed on Thursday.

Fair or not, it is a reflection of the reputation Baalke has developed around the league. People outside the building do not want to work with him / for him. What Shad Khan warned about came true, but he stayed with Balk in the face of it.

What I can say won’t happen is that Leftwich comes to Jacksonville with his handpicked General Manager at Cardinals CEO Adrian Wilson. There are reports that Leftwich wants to pair up with Wilson, but the daunting task of getting a canned Baalke won’t come with Wilson’s immediate installation no matter what. The league has rules against that, and Rooney’s rule can’t be circumvented even if he’s a black coach bringing in a black GM.

Conference Championship picks

Sunday, 3 p.m. ET
Television: CBS | flow: Paramount+ (click here)

I chose against the Bengals in this entire qualifier. They prove me wrong every week (obviously). Well… why stop now? Especially when the bosses have the greatest young QB the game has ever seen.

pick: heads

Sunday, 6:30 p.m. ET
Television: Fox | flow: fuboTV (click here)

When these two teams met in their second game in each of the past three seasons, the Niners won each with a field goal as time expired. It’s strange. It’s hard to beat a good team three times, and I don’t expect that to happen this weekend.

pick: rams

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