Ojamu Announces Staking Rewards Launch

Ojamu has announced plans to launch a staking program for its OJA utility token.

Driven by the growing demand from the rapidly growing Ojamu community, the staking mechanism aims to further enhance the utility of the Ojamu ecosystem and Web3.0 platform for brand intelligence.

Ojamu leverages artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide mainstream brands with the insights and business intelligence they need in the Web 3.0 economy.

Its Ojamu intelligent platform (OIP) securely accesses key industry data from Web 2.0 applications and major blockchain protocols for brand awareness, user acquisition, and retention in the Web 3.0 space. We support the formation of digital strategies that promote.

After oversubscribing to a private sale and successful IDO, OJA is listed on Uniswap and QuickSwap, leading a global decentralized exchange offering many potential trading pairs of tokens.

In addition, the coin has seen a 140% price increase in the past 24 hours as leading industry experts confirm OJA’s belief in long-term growth.

The company is currently aiming to further enhance the utility of the tokens by introducing a staking program.

Powered by the Ferrum Network, this program allows OJA holders to be passive and receive rewards at the same time while increasing the token’s long-term stability.

Users can connect their wallets and lock their OJA tokens into one of two storage pools, Ojamu AI (Polygon Network) and Ojamu APE (Etherium Network).

Both bets are opened with a 14-day buffer, 180-day mandatory lock-in, 60% early APY bonus, 120% bonus APY, and takes 360 days to fully mature. Users can access the staking platform from here.

Serving staking is an important step in the development of OJA and promotes long-term growth for the company and its community.

About Ojamo

Ojamu is an AI and blockchain powered platform that provides brands with the insights and business intelligence they need for the Web3.0 economy.

The Ojamu Intelligent Platform (OIP) securely accesses and interconnects key industry data from major blockchain protocols.

This allows brands to effectively position themselves in the world of Web3 by leveraging “real-time” data to shape digital strategies that enhance brand awareness and user acquisition and retention. ..

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