One B1G player from each team that every other team would love to have

The transfer portal at College Football has changed. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny its influence. It allowed players to look for better positions while providing plenty of off-season entertainment.

There is now a dedicated task force to monitor and staff the transport gate. I’m sure there are guys on every team who hope to see them enter the gate.

We don’t see a lot of transfers inside conferences, maybe with just a few each year. Jalen Berger’s move from Wisconsin to Michigan State has been the highlight of the season. Oliver Martin will forever be a legend having moved to the B1G team not once, but twice (from Michigan to Iowa and now Nebraska).

So, let’s play what if. Here is one B1G player from each team who will make the most impact in another B1G school, with the clear disclaimer that these guys are all apparently happy with where they are:

Illinois: RB Josh McCray

The real newbie had spotty playing time in 2021, but he took full advantage when he got the ball rolling. He had at least 2 games 24 totes and 142 yards (against Purdue and Penn State). But apart from another game in which he got 16 loads, McCray played moderately. In the lead-up to Penn State and the two subsequent games, he played a total of 16 shots. With major accelerator Chase Brown not eligible to enlist until 2024, McRae could see more pick-ups elsewhere.

Indiana: WR DJ Matthews Jr.

Florida’s move to Indiana came with the belief that he was joining a budding Eastern power and about to follow in the footsteps of Ty Frivogel and Hope Villior. But it was a struggle in 2021, even for Fryfogle. Matthews tore up the ACL, firing the Indiana offensive coordinator en route to a 2-10 season. When he’s healthy, it will be fun to see Matthews on a good attack.

Iowa: QB Alex Padilla

The 6-foot-1 Padilla is something different from the QBs that Iowa typically track: long-pocketed passersby. He’s moving really well and has shown promise in the three games that Spencer Petras is out. It will be interesting to see him with another team that knows how to capitalize on his skill set.

Maryland: OT Jaelyn Duncan

Twice the honorable mention, the All-B1G streak man would have been drafted in the middle rounds had he gone pro, but since his comeback, he could be one of the best tackles in the league. And who couldn’t use a man like that?

Michigan: WR AJ Henning

The former 4-star recruit ranked 6th among Michigan’s picks this year, but still has plenty of ability with 3 TDs (2 lunges, 1 on special teams). Henning can fly, and it will be interesting to see what he can do with a few more reps.

Michigan State: WR Tre Mosley

Mosley’s role as No. 2 has been broadly boosted with Michigan State, although it would be interesting to add him to another happy-passing team, like Purdue, and see what kind of numbers he would have put without No. 1 like Jayden Reed his way. Michigan State will want to keep it in place, although it could absorb some of Galen Naylor’s production.

Minnesota: WR Dylan Wright

The Texas A&M transfer and the former 4-star recruit have plenty of potential, but he’s down every week. He played 48 shots against Ohio State in the opening game, when he pulled in a contested TD. He has scored 10 shots or less in 5 of the last 8 matches. It would be a fun weapon in a heavy attack, which is not MN.

Nebraska: WR Zavier Betts

The 112th inductee in the 2020 class hasn’t exactly taken off yet in Nebraska, but the talent is there. He only had 3 gigs last season, but took one of them 83 yards home. Perhaps it will thrive in Mark Whipple’s system, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Northwest: OT Peter Skoronsky

Northwestern will do everything they can to hold on to one of its top players, obviously. But if Skoronsky becomes available, he will be recruited as Brandon Joseph, who ends up at Notre Dame. This means that he will have a lot of suitors. The All-B1G second team player got stuck in 2020 for a low offense.

Ohio State: QB Kyle McCord

Since the Buckeyes finished with 4 quarterbacks on the roster this fall, opposing programs have been watching the situation with excitement. Well, two of them are gone (Queen Ewers and Jack Miller) and a new one comes in (Devin Brown), joined by initiator CJ Stroud and backup Kyle McCord. Stroud is booked as a starter, which means McCord could help every other B1G team in 2022.

Penn State: RB Kaziah Holmes

Holmes was among the top 200 recruits of 2020 and demonstrated this ability as a true freshman by averaging 4.5 yards per carry while appearing in 8 games. But Holmes was late in appearing in 2021, appearing in just 3 matches. Possibly a backup in 2022 behind Kevone Lee and real freshman Nicholas Singleton, Gatorade’s Player of the Year. Holmes can help a lot of RB teams in need.

Bordeaux: QB Austin Burton

The UCLA move has never had a chance to show what he can do in a game, and with Aidan O’Connell back for another year, Burton is heading into another season as a backup.

Rutgers: QB Johnny Langan

Langan does a little bit of everything, which is why he could be an interesting player for anyone. He was the top Rutgers player in the Gator Bowl, pulling 6 passes for 57 yards while also running for 20 yards and completing 2 passes for 21 yards. Creative offensive coordinator will have a lot of fun using Langan.

Wisconsin: RB Chez Mellusi

I know, Melusi has already moved once. After opening the season as a starter, though, Mellusi may have gotten Wally Pipped, losing his spot to real rookie Braelon Allen after being injured. Allen is the future, and it remains to be seen how much work Milosi will get. Given Wisconsin’s tendency over the years to rely on one back, Mellusi will be very valuable to other B1G teams.

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