Panthers named as trade destination for Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

With a somewhat limited field of soon-to-be-available midfielders to choose from, the Carolina Panthers may be more beggars than their pick in 2022. But they may be able to benefit from placing another suboptimal team under the center.

Last week, Michael Rand from Star Tribune Listed from five potential trading destinations for Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. With one year remaining on the massive two-year, $66 million extension, the Vikings 8-9 can look to unload much of their grueling payday elsewhere while reworking their roster.

And one of those destinations mentioned — fourth, in fact — was Carolina.

“Maybe it’s not a clear destination, not a lot of space,” Rand stated. “They have about $20 million to play with. But they can do a few things to get more space. And if the Vikings are going to trade with Kirk Cousins, they can afford more. He’s got a $45 million cap. $35 million will go to the trading team. Remains $10 million with the Vikings, but you can play with those numbers.”

There could be a lot of things to play with in getting such a deal. As Cousins ​​emerges from an impressive campaign on paper — throwing 4,221 yards, 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions — he hit that cover as well as his historically underwhelming play in critical situations, he might push the Vikings forward.

If so, maybe General Manager Scott Fetterer can press a strong draft or two to agree to take on the burden of that money. The Panthers will be without their own picks in the second, third and fourth rounds of the upcoming draft due to their deals with quarterback Sam Darnold and CJ Henderson last season.

Rand follow.

“Like Miami, the Carolinas were a good team that was poor last season. I dropped a lot of their offense. Their defense was pretty decent. They have a top 15 defense, 31 in attack though. They went 5-12 on the season after a 3-0 start. And they watched Kirk Cousins ​​play one of the best games of the season against them in the Carolina Vikings overtime win. So this could be one to watch as well.”

Cousins ​​had one of his best matches of 2021 in that victory at Bank of America. The 33-year-old completed 33 of his 48 throws for 373 yards, a season high, as well as three touchdowns in a 34-28 win.

So . . . You like it?


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