Pokemon GO – Trading Is Back With A Temporary Bonus

Pokemon GO restores online trading and offers players a temporary increase in the daily trading limit to make up for lost time.

Advantage of Pokemon Go Trading

It’s been a wild roller coaster for coaches for the past few days of Pokemon GO. Players were in the middle of some major events in January 2022, including the activities of the Power Plant, when player-to-player trading in mobile AR was frozen (and there was some unexpected downtime late last night).

Freeze trading in Pokemon GO It started on January 19 (earlier this week) and the exact reason wasn’t entirely clear. The community made some assumptions that it might have something to do with a bug that was giving Lucky Trades an exponentially increased rate. Regardless of the reason for the freeze, Niantic was very quick to develop a fix and bring the feature back online to the community.

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Starting yesterday, trading returned to pogo There is indeed a very nice temporary bonus available to help players make up for lost time. From now until January 24 at 10AM PST, the daily limit has been increased to 150. That may sound ridiculously high, but for players trying to get the most value out of the Legacy Season rewards, it will be put to good use.

During Heritage Season, each trade is a foolproof way to get XL candies for a specific Pokemon. This means that players have two extra days to trade up to 150 times a day and collect tons of extra XL candy. XL candy is a very useful resource in a mobile AR game, so a lot of end-game players will likely take advantage of the bonus deals to get as much as possible.

The feature hasn’t been offline for long in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still very good to see Niantic offer a very generous make-up compensation anyway for players who felt they missed out on an opportunity during the trade layoff. The game has definitely come a long way since its early days when bugs took weeks (or months) to deal with and open and transparent communication with the community was rare. We hope the rest of the Power Plant event continues without any bugs and players can start their next big battle with Team GO Rocket in the coming days…

Players should learn a lot about the ins and outs of other activities during the remaining days of the Power Plant event and Legacy Season. Be sure to check back in the near future for more Pokemon GO Strategy guides, news and updates. Until then, good luck coaches!

Pokemon GO Now available on mobile devices.

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