‘Price is Right’: Dallas Mavs Justified in NBA Trade ‘Stinginess’ Over Jalen Brunson

If you’ve ever sat down and looked through the Dallas Mavericks’ draft history, especially over the last couple of decades, it isn’t pretty, and that’s being modest.

Aside from striking gold with draft night trades for Dirk Nowitzki and Luka Doncic, actual Mavs draft picks in that time frame tend to fizzle out, save for Josh Howard in 2003.

So when the Mavs indicate that they’re not going to part ways with Jalen Brunson unless they’re just blown away by another team’s offer, they’re justified in feeling that way. Having a draft pick develop the way Brunson has is a rare ordeal for the Mavs, and if someone wants to take that away, then they should have to pay a fair price – no low-ball offers just because of Cuban’s recent history of dodging the luxury tax.


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