Proposal Has Raiders Trading Derek Carr for Russell Wilson

Derek Carr Marcus Mariota


Derek Carr with Marcus Mariota.

After an impressive season, it only makes sense that Derek Carr would have landed a quarterback job for the Las Vegas Raiders from now on. He will enter a year contract this next season, so the team should make a long-term decision on him soon. It can largely depend on who the shifters hire as the general manager and head coach.

Things could get interesting as two of the superstars have a chance to be in the commercial market. Perhaps the biggest name to watch is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. He was embroiled in trade rumors last season but ended up staying. The Seahawks have had the worst season since they’ve been there to be able to find a way out.

NFL insider Mike Silver said recently that Raiders owner Mark Davis has been “in concept” trading for Wilson in the past. This might be the perfect time to make it happen. USTADIUM dropped an interesting business proposal on Twitter. The Raiders would get Wilson while the Seahawks would get Carr, a 2022 first-round, 2022 second-round pick and a 2023 first-round pick.

With 1,365 votes, 75.5% voted that the raiders would say no to this deal.

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Would this be a fair trade for the raiders?

Whether or not this is a fair trade will depend to a large extent on how Carr is evaluated. Pro Football Focus recently evaluated the midfielder for its first and third round selections. If it is this value, then the previous proposal is not worth it to the raiders. Perhaps excluding the first round of 2023 from the proposal would make it a fairer trade.

However, Wilson is a very valuable commodity. He’s near touchdowns for a year but still drops 25 touchdowns to just six interceptions. He also only lost one season as a rookie. If Seattle traded it off, they would need a huge haul. Carr is not at Wilson’s level but he would fit in well with Pete Carroll. Having a valuable quarterback will give raiders a huge advantage if they decide to enter the Wilson’s trading market.

Will Carr start for the changers next season?

Barring a huge trade for Wilson, Deshaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers, Carr should be the starter for the Raiders’ next season. He led the team to the playoffs only for the second time in 19 years and his late-game play was a big reason for that. He is definitely one of the top 10 to 15 quarterbacks in the NFL.

In the search for master training, Carr must be considered a major reason why the Raiders opening is so attractive. This year’s draft results in a disappointing quarterback, so it’s hard to see the team handle the situation with a rookie. Carr’s future will be uncertain until he signs another contract extension. This ephemera will be quite expressive. If the Raiders stretch, they obviously think it’s the answer. If they don’t, rumors will circulate about what the team will do in the middle in the future.

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