Ravendex Launches Exclusive Rave NFT Collection

Dublin, Ireland – (Newsfile Corp. – January 22, 2022) – The Ravendex team has benefited from the happiness of collaborating with the World Mobile Token to achieve the goal of Internet access in the African hinterland. “A unique pixelated NFT array with proof of ownership stored on the 10,000 Cardano blockchain.”

Figure 1: Ravendex announces the exclusive Rave NFT collection

The team chose Cardano to take advantage of Eutxo’s unique ecosystem model, which offers low gas rates, to allow users to create NFTs on the Cardano blockchain without puncturing their pockets. You only pay 0.25 cents for gas.

While emphasizing the differences between RAVE NFTs and other NFTs, the team can bet NFTs by $RAVE NFT holders and earn rewards with $RAVE and other Ravendex project tokens. Detection to provide real benefit within the ecosystem. RAVE Liquidity – Distribution of tokens through mining. This is a negative return opportunity exclusively for NFT holders.

NFTs are currently being selected, so interested investors will have the opportunity to select and hold NFTs.


• Buy ADA from Coinbase, Binance or Kraken.
• Download and set up a Cardano compatible wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi and Nami Wallet after downloading.
• Transferring the purchased ADA to the downloaded wallet. Select Cardano Blockchain during transfer.
• Access to the RaveNFT Minting Portal.
• Click “Feather RequirementsThen send 50 ADA to the address shown at the beginning of the minting process.
• Wait for the blockchain to confirm the completion of the transaction.

When the whole process is completed without delay and the transaction is confirmed, the split amount of RAVENFT $ is deposited in the wallet.

RAVE NFT hosting gives you many opportunities, including:

• Bet NFTs and earn RAVE Dollars as a bonus.
• List and sell assets in several secondary markets to gain sales loyalty.
• Stick $RAVE NFT and approve the launch of the project via Ravendex IDO.

About Rafindex

Ravendex operates on the Cardano Blockchain as an unmanaged exchange distributed using the AMM protocol. This protocol is beneficial to the Cardano ecosystem as it is used to facilitate the trading of assets at the price of the pool of liquidity offered. In addition, Ravendex removes the challenges of transferring assets and liquidity between the original Cardano token and ADA.

According to Coinmarketcap, over $5 million worth of RAVE utility tokens can be traded on BitMart, where users can trade a wide range of products such as ETH, BTC and USDT.

As the tokens are becoming preferred by more and more investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, more than $1 million in trading volume is recorded daily.

In addition to being a utilitarian token that enhances the Ravendex ecosystem and can be used in yield farming, stabilization, governance, and other hosts.

GitHub: https://github.com/Ravendexlabs
cable: https://t.me/RaversNests
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ravendexlabs

communication channel:

The Company’s name: Rafindex Laboratories
Contact address: Ravenslabs
email: [email protected]
website: https://ravendex.io

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