Reports: Detroit Pistons unsure about trading Jerami Grant?

We’re two weeks away from the NBA trade deadline, which means we could be two weeks away from the end of Jerami Grant’s tenure with the Detroit Pistons.

Or maybe we are not?

Mark Stein of the New York Times writes, “Arn Telm [is] It is said to be open to spot trade.” This is an interesting wording.

Tellem is a strong broker with Pistons. He’s connected, he’s respected, and he knows how the commercial market works since his days as an NBA worker. But he is not responsible. Tellem is the Vice Chairman of the Pistons Board of Directors, and is essentially an advisor to owner Tom Gores who has his hands on all aspects of the franchise—in and out of court.

From what we’ve heard and seen over the past two seasons, GM Troy Weaver has the independence to make the moves and shape this franchise as he sees fit. He is the only one who makes these decisions, not Tellem.

Now, though, it’s possible that Weaver isn’t too far behind in dealing with Grant. Their relationship predates Grant’s time with the Pistons. Smart weaver too. If the correct grant width appears on the table, he will likely pull the trigger.

But what if that offer never came?

ESPN’s Zach Lowe speculated on it during today’s Lowe Post podcast:

I’m not sure Detroit will trade Jeramy Grant. Will we make it to the deadline and Jeramy Grant hasn’t been traded? Again, they can all be rowdy and they are just desperate to trade it in and will trade it for one first-round pick and a good player.

Teams are under the impression that they want the first two people, maybe an interesting young player to go with them or two interesting young players and one first.

This is the high asking price. Pretty high, if you ask me. You want to choose the interesting young player for Grant.

You wouldn’t trade it to trade it, although there are some Pistons fans who would be fine to trade it in for the Jazz or the Lakers for the pocket lint they offer. That would be bad asset management.

If Grant’s best trade doesn’t come until July 29th during the NBA Draft, that’s okay…frustrating, but good.

It’s as if Grant has a lot more value for contenders in two playoffs versus one next season. The rumors about Hawks and John Collins, which have recently subsided, seem too good to be true, but at the same time, desperation leads to action.

The Hawks are a team with high expectations that completely missed a golden opportunity this summer. They were married to Trae Young to middle school. They’re the perfect kind of desperate, the kind we hope the Bulls get to only until they end up in a bidding war for Grant.

I can see Washington getting angry. I can see Chicago getting angry. Hell, Atlanta is about to end. These are the 3 business partners who deal with panic button and weaver he have To wait for the next two weeks.

I understand why the Bulls don’t want to trade Patrick Williams, especially for a team in their own division, but they specifically have a small window to compete. It’s more widely open than ever in the NBA, so if you let Chicago slip away this season, they may never be in that place again with aging superstars like Nikola Vucevic and Demar DeRozan.

However, the beauty of this is simple: pistons don’t do that Owns to do anything.

They dominate the market, and there are still 14 working days to find out.

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