Sacramento Kings Are In Freefall, Setting Up A Needed Trade Deadline Fire Sale

After losing the previous two games by 70 points, the Kings found a very different path in losing what is now their sixth straight game on Saturday night in Philadelphia, a team with which the Kings had been involved in trade discussions between Simmons before falling back. They made a rare 17-point lead and watched it erode over the course of the second half until it faded in the fourth, rebounding briefly, then wasting a match-winning vote.

However, it was not all bad news. In fact, the bad news these days is positive for the long-suffering team’s fan base because the further down the rankings the Kings have beaten, the less likely the team will embark on a fantasy hunt for a place in the game. torunament, a chase that would only perpetuate the decade-and-a-half mediocre team. This team needs to stink, and they absolutely need to stink. It needs to smelt as the trading deadline approaches, that there is no doubt in the front office collective mind that an asset dump is necessary. It should smell foul in the second half of the year to hit the best possible draft position.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to check out relevant team assets to see what they might want to get for players who are most likely to make deals – and what’s more realistic to expect.

Marvin Bagley III

What do kings want?: Young player and selection from the first round.

What are they likely to get?A role player in the middle of his career.

prospects: Thanks to injuries and bad blood, the Kings and Bagley never really had a chance to work together, and might not even get a chance to do business together. Bagley is a free agent this summer, so the only real advantage of trading for him is getting the rights to his birds. If he’s a youngster your team really wants to try to rehab – he’s only 22 – it might be worth letting go of a middle contract, perhaps with a second extension for a broken Bagley. But this is aimed at achieving high goals.

hold friends

What do kings want?: a young player or a selection from the first round.

What are they likely to get?: young player.

prospects: There has been some chatter that the Lakers would like to do another round in the Hield deal, but the Kings should swallow some pride in that, having been left at the altar by the Lakers over the summer. They would also have to internalize the idea that the only real return on Hield would be Tallinn Horton Tucker. They intended to do better than that, but the truth is that Hield is in the midst of a horrible season punctuated by an awful stretch: He’s averaged 5.8 points versus 21.3% shots in his last five games.

Harrison Barnes

What do kings want?: choose the first round.

What are they likely to get?: choose the first round (protected).

prospects: Of all the players that Kings have in the market, teams see some value in Barnes, especially a competitor looking for a veteran presence. It’s expected, and that’s a bonus in a deadline deal. Barnes won’t guarantee a top pick for the first round, so no matter where he lands, there will be some protection over the selection on offer. But he is an all-around scorer, cunning and excellent at shooting three points with a reasonable contract ($20 million this year and $18 million next year).

Richawn Holmes

What do kings want?: player and pick from the first round.

What are they likely to get?: young player.

prospects: Holmes is a good edge guard that knows his offensive limits. It’s also on the books for another three years at a price of $35 million – not an exorbitant price, but it’s not cheap either. They can get their money back by taking back a young player who hasn’t developed yet (Josh Green in Dallas, PJ Washington in Charlotte) but they’re unlikely to get a pick for Holmes.

Diaron Fox

What do kings want?: Multiple choices in the first round and a young player.

What are they likely to get?: Multiple choices in the first round and a young player.

prospects: The Kings raised some eyebrows by suggesting they wouldn’t be willing to trade Fox on the deadline, despite the team’s miserable season and Fox’s regression after a breakout year in 2020-21. The feeling around the league is that the Kings simply don’t want to sell low on Fox, and its value is at a low point now. That means there’s no improbable trade, but it’s not because the Kings are optimistic about Fox — this time next year, his name may have appeared in the rumor mill. In the meantime, Kings should hope that he can rebuild his value on some level.

Therese Halliburton

What do kings want?: Superstar package.

What are they likely to get?: do not agree.

prospects: Halliburton was the only bright spot for the Kings, and rather than a complete rip off, it makes sense that Sacramento would, at the very least, want to stick with Halliburton as a building block moving forward. If the Kings continue in their free fall, they may enter the race for one of the top 3 picks in the draft, all of which are likely to be big. Having a Haliburton on the ocean to pair up with one of these would be a good start to rebuilding.


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