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The NFT industry is growing and forming rapidly.

One of the most notable changes in the industry is how NFTs integrate with the game. Many game companies are moving to NFTs, and the latest examples come from video game retailers. GameStop plans to create an NFT market unique.

Due to the popularity of NFTs and the speed of integration into the game, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to build a AAA game with NFT. Sidus heroes..

Sidus heroes The World’s First Triple A WebGL Play-to-Earn NFT Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game..

SIDUS HEROES can run on any device with WebGL integration. This means that anyone with a smartphone, tablet or desktop can access this AAA game. With this technology, users can enjoy graphics-intensive games without the need for additional equipment.

In November and December SIDUS HEROES held public and private sales tours For original SIDUS and SENATE codes. IDO was simultaneously held on several platforms such as BLOKPAD, Ignition, TrustPad, SpaceSwap, Red Kite, GameFI and Seedify. Backed by more than 200 VC funds and business partners, we raised $21,060,000 from three private rounds and one public round.

After IDO, the value of both the SIDUS and SENATE tokens rose to record highs of $0.1674 for SIDUS and $4.85 for SENATE.


Developer NFT star when NFT256and PlayDisplay and space swap We have put together one of the most comprehensive forms of collaboration in the NFT space and have received support, support, and collaboration from many different companies and many backers.

The NFT set, called the SIDUS NFT HEROES set, consists of 6000 unique characters. Each NFT contains 13 unique properties with 133 different variants, 262 alternate appearances, 152 outfit combinations, and 102 planetary variations. The final design of each NFT is generated using an AI-powered random generator.

SIDUS HEROS is a game set in the Metaverse of the universe, where you can play different scenarios such as interstellar exploration, war, settlement building, political, social and economic development.

The gaming community has evolved to be one with the technological advancements.

The game also features a closed economy system based on limited resource emissions, using a two-token-based system with the “play toe” mechanism being integrated into the in-game items.


SIDUS HEROES was recently completed PRE-SALE FOR SIDUSA CADEMY GROUPThis set of NFTs essentially acts as a ticket to the Game Metaverse, and the rarity level of each NFT determines each hero’s job.

Three rare levels for SIDUS ACADEMY NFT: General, Epic, Legendary. Each layer of the SIDUS ACADEMY NFT requires a certain amount of SIDUS tokens. One common academy hero requires 700 SIDUS tokens, one Epic Academy hero requires 14,000 SIDUS tokens, and one Legendary Academy hero requires 140,000 SIDUS tokens.

General sales begin 12:00 UTC on January 12th.

The pre-sale ended on January 6th and sold out with SIDUS tokens. On January 12, users will have SIDUS ACADEMY NFT Sidus Heroes WebsiteOn January 23, the public beta SIDUS HEROES game will be available to all SIDUS ACADEMY holders.

The launch of SIDUS, with its successful IDO and pre-sale events, seems noteworthy for the entire NFT industry, and it certainly isn’t the last time we’ve seen an AAA game centered around NFT.

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