To stabilize Central America, the US must craft better incentives for trade

Central America is not a place most Americans or American policymakers spend a lot of time thinking about, even though the region has, time and time again, imposed itself on our radar screen. Last year was one of those times, when we witnessed the effects of instability in Central America on our well-being. The consequences … Read more

Restrict stock trading, Nancy Pelosi and other commentary

From the left: Restrict Stock Trading, Nancy “Congress can trade stocks or keep the public trust. Not both,” declares The New York Times’ Michelle Cottle. Bills to “restrict trading by lawmakers” have been floating around the House and Senate after the public learned “members of Congress had violated” reporting requirements. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi … Read more

Biden avoids wading into the congressional stock trading debate

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the first anniversary of the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol Building in Washington, United States, January 6, 2022. Michael Reynolds | Reuters WASHINGTON — As several proposals in Congress to ban members from trading stocks gain steam this week on Capitol Hill, President Joe Biden has … Read more