The captivating Netflix movie of only 90 minutes


A suspenseful detective thriller is set among the trends this week in the world of live streaming. Everything you need to know about the film battling for the top three with Café con aroma de mujer and La Reina del Flow.

This is the new movie trending on Netflix.
© GTThis is the new movie trending on Netflix.

Week by week, new products are becoming a trend in Netflix, giving users the opportunity to review the latest content. While in the world of soap operas they lead Perfumed coffee for women s squirting queen, over there Most watched movie from the past days. The best part? lasts alone 90 minutes Here we tell you everything you need to know before seeing it.

your nickname is Impúdica They are categorized as suspenseful and emotional films. Released this year and suitable for people over 13 years old, the plot revolves around the writer Grace MillerExpert in discovering motives for murder. However, there is one case that touches him closely: the murder of his sister. His wealth of experience and knowledge gathered from his work would become puzzle-solving tools.

While direction is responsible for Monica MitchellEditing by Edhe Swensen, Donald Martin and Suzette Couture. However, it is worth noting that rude / brassy -Its original name- is inspired by Trappeda novel Nora Roberts. The fact is that the great virtues of the film were not mentioned by the professional critics. Despite this, users of the subscription service seem to have been fascinated by this new feature film.

We won’t give you spoilers! But you should know that its completely unexpected ending became the focus of discussion among those who enjoyed its inclusion in the catalog. To achieve this, the Impúdica team tried to maintain tension during the hour and a half in which the story takes place. Can the movie fit perfectly into a file suspense police suspense.

Among the main attractions, the production has an important team led by Alyssa Milan In the skin of Grace Miller, her performance was one of the most recommended spots. They accompany her with their interpretations Sam Page, Emily Allrup, Matthew Aaron Finlan, Malachi Weir, Alison Araya, Colin Wheeler, David Lewis, Daniel Demar and Barry Levy.

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