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Backed by all-star investors such as Double Peak, 0xVentures, Enzac Research, and Genblock Capital, Single Finance, the world’s first capital-protected DeFi 2.0 returns farming platform, will launch the much-anticipated IDO on Cronos Ranchpad VVS. is being. Finance on January 19.

Individual funding shakes up the big picture for DeFi by achieving some initial results.

The first leveraged platform for yield farming in Kronos.

The first ever leveraged crop farming platform that provides capital protection.

The first database of liquidity pool performance

The first IDO of VVS Finance, the largest DEX in Kronos.

IDO single financing is one of those types. Cronos is an EVM chain running parallel to the chain, Access to the user base of the ecosystem of more than 10 million users. VVS Finance is the first and largest DeFi in the Kronos chain, with TVL rapidly growing to over $1.3 billion. Individual Finance is VVS Finance’s first IDO.

“”Our project started with a bad experience with a leveraged yield farming facility. We had a crane site and got hit by a misattack. Asset prices fell 80% in a few minutes, they liquidated, and lost 105% of their capital. I was watching my position closely and thought I could get at least half of my capital back. However, I couldn’t do anything because the platform policy can’t adjust the situation.DeFi enthusiasts’ individual funding team explained at a recent AMA event.

Motivated by this brutal experiment, the founders began to envision a new platform with a high APY. Plus Maximum rollback. Most importantly, it will be a platform where farmers monitor the market and don’t have to manually execute all the complicated and time-sensitive stop-loss procedures, and finally, the vision has grown and flourished and it has become one-to-one financing. It offers a variety of platforms’ one-click strategies, leveraged yield cultivation, to achieve targeted returns and manage risk exposure.

Single funding has three features that help new and old cryptocurrency growers address the issues they commonly encounter:

One-Click Fake Market Neutral Strategy

Individual funding provides a human-centered experience, very easy to use, and capital protection for DeFi, helping everyone feel comfortable and make more money. The main goals for both new and experienced farmers are simple. This means getting high returns without incurring a lot of permanent losses or settling them in an instant. Individual fund users can submit assets with one click and enjoy the market neutral pseudo liquidity mining strategy.

Capital protection robot featured in US dollars

The best thing about individual financing is that everything is denominated in US dollars. APY is not only calculated in US dollars, but our capital protection mechanism is based on the initial investment estimated in US dollars. Therefore, users of one funding strategy will not lose more than 15% of their capital in US dollars as their capital is protected by stop loss and rebalancing robots. Choose your preferred liquidity pair, With exposure to individual financing, your bot will handle the rest, keep your capital safe, and sleep a good night.

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