The first Decentralized Exchange that integrates Launchpad on Fantom Ecosystem

Hanoi VietnamAnd January 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – The IDO platform, also known as Crypto Ranch Pad, is a platform for launching new coins, crypto projects and increasing liquidity. This is the second most important one in the digital world, especially from a decentralized finance perspective.

Wing Swap Launchpad Introduces New To Fantom Ecosystem

Lunchboards give regular investors access to opportunities that were previously only available to venture capitalists and other major investors, and there are several lunchboard initiatives that have made significant contributions to the crypto space...

Discover new and amazing features of WingSwap..

Wing switch direction Become an incubator for DeFi, Game and NFT startups when metaversee I want to evolve in the Fantom ecosystem..

New and potential blockchain projects can now release tokens in the following ways: First DEX Show WingSwap Launchpad . Mechanism.. WingSwap are both, so it can support a variety of projects DEX and LaunchpaDr.. With Launchpad, blockchain projects and WingSwap enrich their products and services and make wise business decisions. The first token sale engages the community and makes collaboration more efficient.

Powerful WingSwap tools such as exchanges, farms, and promotional events are a major boost for the tokens.

How can WingSwap support new projects?

WingSwap can not only support new and potential projects by effectively raising funds, but also projects related to other factors.

Our investors and partners:

Investors: FantomStarter, OnBlock Venture, ZBS Capital, Titan Venture, IDO Research Venture, Procyon Venture, Chain Broker, Llama Venture

Review partners: DeFi Yield, Verichains

Partners can apply for an IDO using the application form.

How to join IDO using WingSwap launchpad

What is xWIS?

xWIS is called Trip Credit for using our features. You can earn xWIS when you travel with WingSwap.

You can receive xWIS with the following actions:

  • Swap: Get xWIS corresponding to the trading volume

  • Liquidity Offer: Get xWIS corresponding to the offered liquidity

  • Farm & Stake: Get xWIS corresponding to the amount of WIS bonus collected

  • VIP Staking: The user receives an initial amount of xWIS for using VIP staking and the xWIS corresponding to the amount of WIS reward being earned.

  • Question

What is a suite ticket?

Wings tickets are a prerequisite for anyone wanting to enter an IDO for a project on the WingSwap launch board. Wing tickets can only be redeemed by redeeming xWIS.

There is a set of rules for taking a trip to IDO Land. Always remember to wear your seat belt during the flight. Follow the rules carefully. Then everything should be fine.

To participate in IDO, the user must have a ticket. IDO allows you to exchange tickets for xWIS in the Wings Store.

The rules are as follows:

  • To redeem your Wings ticket, you must use WingSwap to earn xWIS. Different flights have different airline credits.

  • xWIS is airline credit only. You must have a Wings ticket to participate in IDO.

  • One suite ticket equals one IDO slot. You may need multiple tickets to participate in the project. This is determined by the WingSwap and Project teams.

  • Booth tickets represent different purchases for each project. The purchase price is determined by WingSwap and the partner (project team).

  • Maximum card/user usage in IDO Participation is limited.

Post IDO:

To participate, the user chooses the specific project and confirms the selection and the number of tickets used for the project. The ticket will be used immediately after the user confirms the slot. Users can only purchase less than or equal to the number of tickets they have placed.

Users can claim tokens based on a monthly or linear entitlement schedule. The vesting schedule is determined by WingSwap and its partners.

If the total amount of money collected is higher than the initial maximum, the user will receive a refund.

About wing swap

WingSwap is a decentralized exchange based on the Fantom Opera chain that allows members of the platform to provide liquidity and create a marketplace for others to exchange native tokens.

Apart from this, the platform is built with many unique features like exchanges where users can buy and trade NFT, NFT Markets etc. With this said, WingSwap is set to change the story and redefine the DeFi industry.

we, Fast, easy and affordable Decentralized financial products and services that meet the needs of our users are delivered in a timely, responsible and sustainable manner.

Apart from this, we plan for an easily accessible asset with more use cases and a platform that will pioneer all DeFi products and use cases in the near future. Encouraging employment and increasing demand and value.

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