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Metafluence: The first influencer platform to connect influencers, brands and audiences in the Metaverse

Metaverse overwhelms the Web 2.0 space and pushes its boundaries into what is now Web 3.0. This expansion will allow influencers, brands and audiences to experience the next level of the digital economy.

Today, Metafluence has proven to be a pioneering project that aims to connect influencers and their brands to a larger audience. It focuses on building an influencer-focused token ecosystem that allows SM influencers to connect with new target audiences, but it also increases the popularity of content and links to the Metaverse fan base. a job.

Metafluence’s launch platform is Keepface. Keepface is the parent company of Metafluence, which was launched in 2017. Today, Keepface has over 500,000 influencers and 5,000 registered brands worldwide and already runs over 1,600 global influencer campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

Keepface seeks to address this disruption by launching Metafluence, the first influencer platform created to connect Social Media (SM) influencers, their audiences and brands within the Metaverse.

The Metafluence team is currently focused on developing a performance-based influencer marketing model that allows influencers to not only earn media results, but also commissions from the sales they generate. In addition, the project includes first-class developers and creators with over 5 years of experience in influencer marketing across various industries and regions.

Heart Influencer Metaverse

Metafluence has revolutionized the traditional standards of influencer marketing by leveraging the influence of social media to provide ample opportunities for millions of creators to win. In addition, it enables influencers to monetize the influence of social media and the creativity of the Metaverse.

Even more exciting are the many benefits that the Metafluence ecosystem offers to all parties in the influencer marketing triangle. For influencers, the platform provides more channels to monetize SM influence, synchronize promotions through Metaclan influencers, gain more advertisers and offer brand sponsorship. more.

Likewise, brands are given the ability to work with influencers on a performance-based model to expand their reach within the large Metafluence community.

Additionally, the ecosystem’s Metafluence brand has access to the advertising aspect of the Metaverse, direct influencer relationships, and event sponsorship. In addition, you will have access to features such as influencer discovery, campaign performance, influencer analysis, and keyword monitoring.

Apart from influencers and brands, loyal users and visitors to the Metafluence ecosystem are fans. Viewers will benefit from the influencer-centric ecosystem by improving community engagement, reputation, and rewards.

Metahut – Metaverse Influencer’s private property

Metafluence is changing the influencer market. Through the Metafluence platform to gain influence, influencers can own their own Metaverse, Metahut, create value for life, and become Metaverse Entrepreneurs (Metapreneurs).

Metafluence is a Metaverse virtual city operated by Social Media Influencers (SM). Metaverse is a group of dedicated rooms in the Metaverse (similar to an undeveloped batch number) where influencers share their lifestyles, interact with viewers, and collect and exchange digital artworks (NFTs). And you can work with Metaverse advertisers. Metahut enables influencers to better monetize SM’s influence and work closely with their audiences and brands in a transparent relationship. It consists of multi-purpose virtual rooms such as event rooms, NFT rooms, and shopping rooms.

An event room is a private space to host virtual shows, meetings, presentations, or other events desired by the host. In addition, the NFT room is a virtual room to display, sell or trade your NFT. There is also a shopping room where influencers can define the market for digital and physical products. Influencers can also collaborate with brands through sponsorships. Interestingly, Metahuts owners can creatively design/upgrade rooms to suit the nature of the event, providing an interactive experience for visitors.

“The idea of ​​having your own virtual NFT fair in the Metaverse and being able to invite industry leaders to your virtual room is very exciting,” says Evan Luthra, Metafluence Consultant.

In particular, influencers can combine the power of influencer clans (meta-clan) to combine SM influence, reach millions of audiences, and promote each other. Influencers, their audiences, and brands can all participate in a variety of in-clan, public, private or premium events. Metaclans features include simultaneous SM boosts for members, jointly created activities and events, competitions (clan and clan), governance, and earned group reputation.

Metafluence Tool Icon

$METO is the local currency of the Metafluence ecosystem, which empowers and motivates influencers, their audiences, and brands.

$METO holders can bet on tokens, trade with $METO and get certain perks and benefits in the process. Tokens can be used for purchases, transactions, NFTs, digital collectibles, Metahut assets, event tickets, premium access areas, services, and stores (for brands).

In addition, Metafluence has announced a partnership with BlueZilla for incubation and has set an IDO date for January 24, 2022. IDO is activated on the BlueZilla ecosystem’s top lunch plates (BSCpad, MetaVPad, and NFTLaunch lunchpads). Metafluence recently partnered with the UPFI network to ensure interoperability across the blockchain and a network of partners in the Asian market. UPFI Network is the first stable protocol of the partial algorithm to support the next generation payment network on the blockchain.

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