The movie that changed Terry Crews’ life


Today, she turned into a Hollywood star, and no one doubts the artist’s talent Brooklyn Nine-Nine. His life is turned upside down the day he gets a major opportunity in the world of comedy.

It was part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine until its conclusion in September.
© IMDbIt was part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine until its conclusion in September.

name of Terry Cruz You can draw a smile for more than one. Just think of one of the biggest sitcoms of recent years, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, to understand that we are talking about a character of humor. The 53-year-old actor is also a host american talents You may have seen several videos of him interacting with the participants who joined this North American reality show.

But when it comes to acting, a profession Terry Cruz It wouldn’t be the same without a number Kenin Wayans. creator in live color He was also the one who gave him his first big break. apparently, kits He repeatedly insisted on giving him a job in one of his films and thus he found a place in comedy. “And where are the blondes?”, from 2004, where he played laetrile.

Stephen BernsteinDirector of Photography, talk to look who found And explain how the scene that changed a life Terry Cruz: dancing at the disco. “They were all professional dancers except for Terry. We told him he’d get a camera when he started dancing and that we’d replace him with a stunt double. It was hard for him Terry, about what the sequence would be like in the original.

Of course they didn’t count on it kits Taking the opportunity seriously and according to BernsteinHe trained for 4 months to be ready for the scene. “We started sequencing and Terry He started dancing like that without a shirt. No one had ever seen anything like this in his life. Instead of stopping, we keep rolling.”, to remember. Then he added: “At the end of the shot, we clapped madly. After that a lot of the text was rewritten to be more than Terrywho became a great star.

Choreography with Vanessa Carlton’s song

in a “And where are the blondes?” There is another unforgettable scene with Terry Cruz: Which laetrile begins to do lip sync with song Vanessa Carlton titled “A Thousand Miles”. Bernstein They explained that this scene went well in the first shot and that they did more but “I was in the first shot”. He revealed in this context: “All the head movements he does when he looks at the camera…it was amazing. We had three cameras. When we’re done, kenin He looked at me and said, “We have it.”.

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