The Potential Hire of Catherine Raiche Could Make a Kirk Cousins Trade to PHI Feasible

The potential lease of Catherine Reich could make the Kirk Cousins' trade in PHI possible

Catherine Reich

If you haven’t heard (very unlikely), the potential trading topic of the Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins, will be discussed to the point of nausea between now through March or the day it’s already given up.

Cousins ​​is set to carry a $45 million cap in 2022, and a number of bonuses on the Vikings books have a cap in 2020 of $21 million – less than what Jacoby Brissett and Alex Smith earned that season. And to be sure, Cousins ​​isn’t worth the $45 million cap Any thing. By the metrics, he’s around the ninth-best player in football, whose salary is declining by about $32 or $33 million a year (ironically, that’s his average annual salary).

But for a new general manager — he could be appointed this week — $45 million is an evil number to swallow. Ergo, the new Eyes group can explore trading Cousins, leaving him free to compete with a team that displays a competent offensive line like the Denver Broncos or the Cleveland Browns.

September 26, 2021; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Justin Jefferson (18), wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, celebrates with a touchdown with quarterback Kirk Cousins. Mandatory credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

As the Vikings interview Catherine Reich on Monday for the open general manager position — the first woman in NFL history to interview for such a job — her connections to the Philadelphia Eagles could be a back channel to the East cousins ​​trade.

Galen Hurts is in charge of the Eagles in the middle, but it’s unclear if the front office was intrigued by his young skills. Philadelphia has been linked with trade chatter Deshaun Watson midway through last year, leaving Hurts a bit in the cold for future plans. In fairness to Hurts, his progression as an NFL passer is close – he’s not as electric as Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow or Josh Allen. And when the quarterback doesn’t immediately emulate the success of these guys, some minds have the mentality of “keep drafting or trading until Act Get the next big thing. “

In the event that the Copper Eagles are not entirely sold on Hurts, some media such as big lead, add Cousins ​​to shortlist the 2022 quarterback for Philadelphia. In addition, Raiche will increase the feasibility of trading Cousins ​​with the Eagles, if it is the choice of Mark and Zygi Wilf to manage the purple project.

Along with Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Jimmy Garoppolo and Ryan Phillips from big lead Suppose the Cousins ​​trade goes back to the NFC East with this rationale:

“The Cousins ​​put up strong numbers this year but there has been an erratic season. Some new sights could make things better for him. He completed 66.3 percent of his passes in 2021 for 4,221 yards, with 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions. His passing rating was 103.1 Excellent, but his QBR record of 52.0 ranked him 15th in the league. The Cousins ​​would be an upgrade over Hurts and they probably wouldn’t cost that kind of draft capital to Wilson or Watson, but it would be just as costly.”

If cousins ​​are dealt elsewhere, the Vikings will delegate 1St Round draft selection as compensation. Or if no team has racked up that much, it makes sense to expect a Minnesota 2second abbreviation and 3research and development-monastery. Trade Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles a year ago really set the market level for quarterback trades. If Stafford can pull off a king’s ransom, their cousins ​​can get a duke’s ransom.

Cousins ​​is already associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and New Orleans Saints via trade rumor. Philadelphia should be considered the long point in Cousins’ theory sweepstakes, mainly because the organization is probably not willing to give in to Galen Hurts.

Should the Eagles break out on the Hurts, hiring Raiche would likely be the necessary pipeline for Cousins ​​to Philadelphia.

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