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The movie was released on Hulu and went unnoticed, but thanks to its arrival on Netflix, it was among the most watched. We tell you what this science fiction story is.

The movie was released on December 17.
© IMDbThe movie was released on December 17.

Thinking of what you’ll see tonight? Platform catalogs like Netflix s HBO Max They are usually so extensive that sometimes it is difficult to decide which movie or series to start watching. Therefore, we will give you some tips, based on what is already evident global success. Mother / Android It’s been ranked in the top 10 for over 90 countries, and although it hasn’t outgrown it yet do not searchIt is already a sensation among movie lovers.

About 30 million hours of playback accumulate on this movie, which was released in December in the US until hollowBut that went completely unnoticed. N had to show up to give space and access to the tape he took out Matson Tomlin, with Chloe Grace Moretz As a leader and performer Algee Smith, Raul Castillo, Oscar Walpert and Stephen Thorne. The movie lasts just under two hours and falls under the science fiction category.

Mother / Android It is a movie about the end of the world GeorgiaA young woman discovers she is pregnant. Since it’s Christmas, he decides to visit some friends who are having a party and there he encounters a damaged Android device and talks incoherently. Of course, this will only be a preview of what’s to come: the end of the world. After time, Georgia must be a mother to the rest of the land, after all the machines have exploded. to Tomlin It’s his first feature film as a director even though he’s already worked with him Netflix in a movie like Project Strength, with Denzel Washington As a lead, who’s got a lot of hype and could get a sequel.

in a rotten tomatoesAnd Mother / Android It has only 30% according to critics. “She lacks emotion and even elicits unexpected laughs in what are supposed to be warm moments.”, aseugró Randy Myers de San Jose Mercury News, as for the Dennis Harvey “It is well built and has resources within its limits.”. the two in Aspinov As is the case in Los Angeles Times They only have reviews for fiction. At first, they talked about it ‘It is developing in a very unsatisfactory way’In the second point, I refer to that “The Journey Failed to Capture the Imagination”.

The android movie you shouldn’t miss on Netflix

Science fiction has many films that talk about artificial intelligence and the worlds destroyed by the obsession of some scientists to develop machines that think for themselves. You can talk about it finisher x de I’m a robot, For example, but not limited. in a Netflix She has another great Ace of this kind, unbelievable ex machine From Alex Garland, which centers around a programmer named Caleb Whoever wins a contest and meets the mysterious owner of the company he works for. There, he will meet a robot created by him, with whom he will soon establish a relationship.

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