The Three Questions That Matter Most When Setting Goals

When you sit down to set goals, it is a focal point that gives you the opportunity to reflect on your past and start over with a clean slate and new hope.

Goal setting often results in regrets about the things you left untouched, time wasted, and missed opportunities. It can also be an opportunity to celebrate achievements, positive changes, and progress.

Most people don’t set goals for the same reason that it takes effort and self-awareness. You must think and think. Setting goals requires risk and accountability. It requires you to be accountable to the only person in your life to whom you are truly accountable – you.

Honestly, it’s about being honest and being true to yourself. It is an opportunity to make the major decisions that will shape your future.

The three most important questions

Yugi Berra laughed at it “If you don’t know where you are going you may end up somewhere else.” I love this quote because it succinctly describes the way many people walk aimlessly in life. No plan, no direction, no idea where they were going.

Here’s a harsh reality. If you don’t have a plan, you will become part of someone else’s plan. You can either control your life or allow someone else to control you to improve their life.

It’s your choice and that choice starts and ends with the three most important questions:

• what do you want?
• How do you plan to get what you want?
• How bad do you want it?

Start by deciding what you want, building a plan, and writing it down. Set goals. No fleeting desires and hopes. Real goals mean something to your life and career. This means accumulating the discipline to stop what you’re doing and sit back and think about your future already.

write it

To reach any big goal requires you to move through a series of small steps. These success steps must be identified, codified, and measured against deadlines.

Writing down your goals and your plan keeps you from stopping. When you write your goals in ink on paper, you benefit from a powerful motivational force.

A written plan dictates the action. Something inside of you is starting to push you forward, constantly pushing you toward your destination. It’s there, written on stone, and it can’t be ignored until it’s done.

Success is paid up front by hard work and sacrifice

Desire is the only thing that beats procrastination. Therefore, the most important question in any endeavor is “How bad do you want to be?”

Most of the time, getting what you want is about what you are willing to give up and not what you are willing to do. What you want and what you are willing to do to get what you want should be equal or identical.

Achieving your goals means sacrificing what you want right now for what you want most.

Goals and plans do not matter if you do not have the desire and firm will to achieve them.

You will face adversity, obstacles, barriers and disappointment. There will be temptations, like sirens, that will distract you from your goal, causing you to forget your plans and derail. You’ll face mountains to climb, uphill battles to fight, and excuses for not being able to do something.

Your future is not written. It is completely under your control. Take a moment today to answer these three critical questions and start working on setting winning goals for a brighter future.

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