This is how Tom Holland could appear in Euphoria


A Spider-Man actor can meet Zendaya in one of the episodes. This is what is known so far about his possible performance on the HBO Max series.

¿Tom Holland llega an HBO Max?
© GT¿Tom Holland llega an HBO Max?

2021 seemed to be a great year for my career Tom Holland s ZendayaThe couple who confirmed their romance and impressed their fans Marvel Cinematic Universe With the movie premiere Spider-Man: There is no room for home. However, the agenda of both actors is still full of projects. As Peter Parker’s translator prepares for release Anonymous, the person responsible for embodying MJ stars in the second season of trance in a HBO Max.

Can they cross paths in a new project unrelated to Spider-Man? At the moment, nothing has been confirmed. However, fans assure that the British celebrity could make her big appearance in the upcoming episodes of the teen series. is that everything will be given in order for this to happen, given that it is a group of high school students who are going through subjects of their own age.

And if there’s one person who has shown he knows the role well, it’s Tom Holland. This is why he has repeatedly stated his desire to appear in trance. Months ago, he revealed to Collider: “I’d love to be with Jacob Batalon in the background of one of Zendaya’s scenes.Just because they are two of my best friends and I’d like to do something with them againBut it was not only his words that aroused suspicion, but also some certain images.

A photo posted and later deleted by a member of the production team revealed that the actor visited the set. That’s not all, because the image of the orthosis caught the eye. While Barbie Ferreira, Hunter Shaffer, Alexa Demi, Maud Apatow and Sidney Sweeney They are standing with Zendaya, behind you you can see a young man wearing a mask. And, of course, fans associated the number with Tom Holland.

After followers filled social networks with modified views and theories, there was one that stood out above the rest. Which is that the main assumption is that he would not have a character, but rather a a barrier. This was given to comprehension by the actress who embodies St On HBO Max in an interview with Entertainment Tonight: “Tom has been very supportive all season. We talked about his looks, we joked about him Hide it in the background And see if anyone can find outWill he appear in the upcoming episodes?

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