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There is no denying that Didi Gregorios He had a tough campaign in 2021, struggling on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he hit .209/ .270/ .370, yielding just WRC+68, the lowest such mark in his career, out of an eight-game cup of coffee on his 2012 debut. On the defensive side of things, All advanced gauges agreed he wasn’t at his best, as his DRS was -10, his UZR was -2.6 and his OAA was -17.

Those struggles were big enough that he might not have a firm grip on the short Phillies job in 2022. At a year-end press conference, Chief of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski said on the matter: “But he knows, we’ve discussed with him that he needs to. Until he’s better. And we’re in a position where we’ll also be open to what’s going to happen soon next year. It could be internal, it could be him if he comes back….Maybe it’s him. He’s coming (next season) in good shape, but he’s He’s not guaranteed – and he’s been told – he’s sure he’s short. That doesn’t mean he can’t play other positions for us too, maybe we’ll have a DH who will be part of our club as well.”

If the club no longer views Gregory as their answer in no time, that raises multiple possibilities going forward, Dombrowski explained. As for the “insider” option he mentioned, it’s the most likely candidate Bryson Stott, who has spent the greater part of the past year touring the Double-A Show. In 80 games there, he hit .301/.368/.481, for 130 points. After upgrading to Triple-A, he entered 10 matches there and hit .303/.439/.394. In 26 games in the Arizona Fall League, he put in a streak of .318/.445/.489.

It certainly looks like it is possible that Stott will join the big league club in 2022 and oust Sir Diddy from his throne and move on to another position. with Jan Segura On second base, Gregory will probably help out in third. Alec Boom He also struggled in 2021, but should be given a chance to bounce back based on his youth, potential pedigree and an excellent junior season in 2020. If NL DH adds, Dombrowski points out, it could lead to Gregorius being used in a utility role, playing various positions on the field as he rotates other players through the DH slot, as well as seeing some time in the DH himself.

But Dombrovsky also said that Gregory could be the short man “if he comes back,” apparently indicating there is a chance that Gregory will wear a different jersey in 2022. Despite the legendary crop of superstars for the free agent, there are a few teams that She has stayed out of the lottery so far and could be interested in Gregory. He only has a year and $15.25 million left on his contract and he’s about to turn 32, which means a return to his former form is definitely out of the question.

It comes in the Offseason, and Yankees He was widely expected to be on the hunt for a short-ticket acquisition with a big ticket after the move Jaleber Torres More than the second rule. However, it was rumored that they avoided big spending in this area, believing these expectations Anthony Volpi And Oswald Peraza It can provide them with an in-house solution. But Volpe has yet to play above High-A and Peraza only has eight Triple-A games. Bringing Gregory back to the Bronx would be a fun story and would make sense as well, as he could alternate a heavy lineup with his left racket as he squeezes shortstop until one of the kids takes his place.

the Astros A similar approach with the Yankees, and they seem content to wait for the prospect Jeremy Pena And not interested in showing off an expensive free proxy program to replace Carlos Correa. But Pena only played 30 hat-tricks in 2021 and only 37 games in total. It would be unwise to expect him to simply jump into the majors and take on the task as a full-time pit stop without a hitch. Having someone like Gregorius on hand would be a better backup option than Edmis Diaz, who has not played more than nine games in a season since 2018.

the Rocky You have no alternative yet for Trevor’s story, which seems unlikely to return in free agency. There are internal filters such as Ryan McMahon And Brendan Rodgers, but they are able to play anywhere else on the diamond, which means that it would be very easy to bring Gregory into the equation. Perhaps playing his home games at Coors Field could help him get his groove back into the board.

the Angels They have improved their display staff this off-season but still have question marks on the pitch, with Tyler Wade And David Fletcher Currently striped in the middle of the diamond. With the club now clearly in a winning position as they try to capitalize on their remaining Trout-Ohtani group years, they could grab Gregorius and put Wade into a useful role.

If the Phils could find a recipient for Gregorius, he could wipe out Stott’s deck or possibly the acquisition in free agency. Carlos Correa and Trevor Storey remain unsigned and will need to find new teams once the lockdown is complete. As a big team in the market with an uncertain short profile, Velez stands out as one of the teams that could theoretically be a good fit for them. The club’s inaugural payroll is currently expected to be $181 million, according to an estimate by Jason Martinez of Roster Resource. That’s nearly $10 million shy of last year’s figure, according to Baseball Contracts at Cot. The club will likely decide to push the budget a bit more this year, but finding a recipient for some or all of the $15.25 million owed to Gregorios would give them more wiggle room to tackle the shortstop along with other areas of weakness, such as center field, left field and bullpen.

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