Trading Back From 12th Could be Enormously Beneficial

Jan 16 2022; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker Micah Parsons (11) meets owner Jerry Jones (centre) and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (right) before the NFC Wild Card playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Not long ago, I took some time to consider last year’s 12th overall pick. It wasn’t an analysis of the player chosen there – soon-to-be ROY defender Micah Parsons – but, rather, what happened with the selection itself. The selection was up to three teams before settling in Dallas. I haven’t discussed trading back much, but it’s an option that might be attractive to Vikings.

While doing some digging for that piece, I came across an interesting trade that I had forgotten about. Last season, Chicago got the 20th pick in the draft. The NY Giants were 11th. Chicago desperately wanted to jump to 11th in order to snag Justin Fields. It cost them first two, fourth and fifth. Choice compensation was distributed over two years. take a look:

New York Giants welcome Chicago Bears reception
20 Year Choice (2021) eleventh overall selection (2021)
No. 164 in total (2021)
seventh overall (2022)
103 – Total (2022)

As you can see, the giants got an absolute for you On the other hand, the desired eleventh position. Why could they ask such a high price? Because Chicago thought the next QB franchise wouldn’t fall on them. So they were willing to part with a huge capital project.

Minnesota has a lot of holes to fill in and not a lot of money to do all the repair. In other words, the draft will again be relied upon to offer the best talent at a low price. There’s some bad money to burn, though, as the new GM of the Vikings will be able to create space in a variety of ways.

Adding the future first is an incredibly attractive option. Of course, there is no guarantee that someone would be willing to pay that for a twelfth place. However, it should be noted that there is some precedent. Part of what makes trading for the future so tempting is the possibility of climbing high because teams often track reasonably strong years with poor years. In 2021, Chicago was picking 20th place; In 2022, Chicago played their way to the seventh pick. The giants have done an amazing job in this trade.

Re-trading may not be an option for the Vikings. Only time will prove it. All I’m saying is that fans shouldn’t automatically rule out this possibility. There is some persistent frustration about Spielman’s tendency to hoard late picks, a frustration that I can understand. However, a deal like the New York one from last year would be too good to miss.

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