Trading for Bryan Reynolds to build outfield

While the Detroit Tigers are not particularly in the market for a huge trade, they may be looking to turn things around. The rebuilding process is going in the right direction, and with trade, they may be able to speed up the process.

The Detroit Tigers should consider calling the Pittsburgh Pirates and trying to strike a deal. While this is a completely hypothetical trade that hasn’t been honestly talked about, it’s an interesting proposition, at least.

The Tigers must be up against Brian Reynolds. Simply put, he is young, talented, and manageable. But there are more in-depth things to consider. But, let’s get to the chase… I simply work as a sofa general manager, but that’s the business proposition I put together.

Get tigers

From Brian Reynolds

get pirate

Aqil Bado

RHB Jackson Joby

INF Winsel Perez

This is a sharp show, and in return the Tigers are giving up a great deal of talent. But there is a reason behind that. It’s not a comprehensive offering, but it does give an idea of ​​what the package might look like for a return on a Reynolds deal.

Detroit Tigers should target Brian Reynolds by trade.

Reynolds has a lot to offer, although he might fly under the radar for some throughout the league. From the outside, looking inside, it’s easy to see the intrigues with Reynolds. He will soon turn 27 and still in his rookie years, being in control of the team until 2026 when he becomes a free agent.

Still not even eligible for arbitration. While the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) may change that structure, Reynolds will be someone the Tigers can control for years to come. There is no annual $30 million price tag that comes with Reynolds.

Looking at his performance, there is a lot to like. In three seasons with the Pirates, he received the votes of the Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Award. Last summer, he really started coming out, even in the struggling team.

Reynolds was the Pirates representative in the 2021 All-Star Game as well. He finished the season with 646 appearances for the board as he trimmed .302/.390/.522 with 24 home runs and 90 RBI. He also led the entire league with eight hat-tricks throughout the 2021 season.

The Pirates may be more willing to break up with Reynolds because they are complete rebuilding. Stacking more odds into Baddoo and Jobe could allow them to pull the trigger on a deal like this.

It looks like moving Jobe to have a direct impact on the roster at the moment might be worth it. So while this trade is completely hypothetical, it is something to follow.

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