“Trading Russell Westbrook for John Wall is the most realistic”: Marc J Spears dishes on the best available trade for the Lakers star ahead of Feb 10th deadline

The only possible trade for the Lakers, according to Spears, is to trade Russell Westbrook for John Wall because their contracts match so well.

The Los Angeles Lakers seized the opportunity when it came to ditching the Buddy Hield trade to acquire Russell Westbrook last season. According to reports, LeBron James himself vetoed this trade last season’s MVP.

Over halfway into the 2021-22 NBA season and the Lakers are nowhere near the record a championship contender should have at this point in the season. The only caveat here is that Anthony Davis has missed 20 games with a knee injury.

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So the “Big Three” Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and Anthony Davis haven’t played enough games to judge how they fare in the post-season. In the 15 matches and 291 minutes they played together, they were just +1.5.

Before AD can hit the ground running again, a slew of grumbles have emerged about the Lakers looking to fire Frank Vogel and trade Westbrook over the past few weeks.

Mark Spears Trades Russell Westbrook for John Wall.

Russell Westbrook is making a whopping $44.2 million in season 22 this year. John Wall is making a very similar amount this season at $44.3 million. According to Mark J. Spears on the Hope Collective, a trade between the Rockets and Lakers for the two point guards makes the most sense.

“I’ve been told they have a couple at the table, but the only person who actually has some realistic potential for that is with the Lakers for Ross. To me, as of today, that’s the only trade for John Wall. If that happens, and Westbrook comes back, the Rockets get someone At least he knows him,” Spears said.

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Chris Vernon enjoyed this assumption a lot during an episode of “Mismatch” a couple of months ago and was probably the first to come up with the idea publicly.

Having previously been traded during the 2020 season, trading Russell Westbrook for John Wall once again would lead to one of the greatest days in NBA Twitter history.

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