Tutorial Using Excessive Momentum and Fibonacci Ratio Analysis – Trading Systems – 31 January 2022

With the excessive momentum indicator, you can access the automatic analysis of the Fibonacci ratio. The combination of these two powerful trading systems is an excellent way to trade the forex market. In this article, we’ll show you how to combine both with a step-by-step guide.

When there is an unexpectedly long bullish and bearish price movement, the indicator will detect this excessive momentum area for your trading. This hyper-momentum region is often the true accumulation and distribution region in a volume-spread analysis. What does this mean for your trading? This means that entering around this excessive momentum zone can give you a huge advantage in favor of your reward and risk of your trade whether it is a fast trade or a reversal trade. The indicator provides such a wonderful opportunity automatically.

In addition, the Fibonacci retracement level can provide more ideas about when the price could move according to our expectations. To call the Fibonacci retracement level automatically, just click on the circle in the area of ​​excessive momentum. Then it will automatically place the Fibonacci retracement level in your chart. The thing is that the Fibonacci retracement level placed may be too short to display. Sometimes, you may want to drop the Fibonacci retracement level far to the right to see price action around the retracement level. It can also be done.

To do this, double-click on the Fibonacci retracement object in your chart. Then you will see the three anchor points in the recovery object. Drag the right anchor point to the right. You can drag it as much as you want to cover the graph area depending on your interests. Please check the attached screenshot to complete this tutorial.

This excessive momentum area can be considered as either an accumulation area or a distribution area in volume differential analysis. You can also find the symptoms of the accumulation and distribution zone using the volume diffusion pattern indicator (paid and advanced version) or the volume diffusion pattern detector (free and lite version). You can watch YouTube videos to learn more about the excessive momentum indicator.

YouTube video momentum indicator: https://youtu.be/oztARcXsAVA

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Here is a link to the Hyper Momentum Indicator.




With the excessive momentum indicator, you can use the free volume spread pattern detector. Diffusion Volume Pattern Detector is a great free tool to complete the volume diffusion analysis to discover accumulation and distribution. Or you can even use it to discover important support and resistance for your trading as well. This is the free link to detect volume spread patterns.




In addition, the Volume Spread Pattern Indicator is the most advanced version of the Volume Spread Pattern Detector. If you want to improve your trading performance further, we recommend using the Volume Spread Pattern indicator. This is not a free indicator but it is affordable. Here is the link for the Volume Spreads Advanced Analysis Indicator.




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