Tyrese Haliburton more than justified the trade target hype

Philadelphia 76ers fans have been eager to complete Ben Simmons’ agonizing saga. In recent weeks, Sacramento Kings guard Teresa Halliburton has become the answer. The 21-year-old Halliburton has hit the perfect perfect spot as a superbly fit one who will be able to help the team this season and still provide plenty of runway for a higher roof in the future. Plus, he didn’t happen to be a false dream like Damien Lillard. It looked as if Daryl Morey, the Sixers’ chief of basketball operations, agreed, dropping a little off the rigging streak during a recent radio interview on 97.5.

By all accounts, the Kings were very willing trading partners. Reports at one time had everyone on their list at the block. They agreed to take over the contract of Tobias Harris. The footage has been thrown into the discussion. However, they will not give up All these things Once. Reading the tea leaves, Daryl Morey appears to have overplayed his hand, swinging toward fences rather than transmitting the base stroke to the opposite field. However, swinging on fences makes you more vulnerable to attack, and the Sacramento Kings presumably have had enough with Morey unwilling to meet somewhere in the middle.

It is said that the Kings’ exit from Simmons Market is a shame, because in the Saturday night game at the stadium between the two clubs, Therese Halliburton drew L’Oreal’s old slogan: “Because I deserve it.” He nearly led the Kings to a surprise win on the road, dropping 38 career points, firing 11 of 19 from field, 5 of 9 from three point range, and 11 of 12 from foul, while adding seven assists and three steals against Duranne. Just. Every fan at Wells Fargo Center was willing to throw away the keys to the Haliburton house so they had someone to stay while they were out and drive Ben Simmons to the airport.

Honestly, what do you really want to see from any player?

The ability to hit contested shots?

Elite domain as a localized threat?

The ability to navigate as the head ball coach outside the pick-up and roll area?

More pick-and-roll versatility?

Good activity and defensive awareness?

Want a hard shot in the clutch?

Not strong enough for you?

Oh, and on top of that, he’s a good teammate:

His Sixers teammates were clearly impressed:

I know Daryl Morey had his heart set on the former flame, James Harden. I’m sure he knows things that we in the general public don’t and those things that guide his decision-making. But if the smoke of Harden turns into a fire, don’t you think Halliburton would be more than an acceptable yield to Brooklyn if picked and traded? I understand Simmons’ contract makes things smoother, but there are still ways to make it work. And if Brooklyn wins the title and Harden wants to stay, or if he realizes it’s also cold during the winter in Philadelphia, you have Halliburton, who will likely be a better player than Harden in a few years when he enters the heyday of his “beard” career. Plus, you’re doing everything in your power to help Joel Embiid in his quest for a title this season.

Daryl, I implore you to mend this relationship with Sacramento. Stop insisting on the inclusion of Tobias Harris. Don’t ask for demo assets worth half a decade. Simmons for Haliburton, and other matching contracts, and perhaps one of them is protected first if you need to scratch the itch for a venture capital.

Halliburton is the man.

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