Using Japanese Candlestick Patterns with Harmonic Pattern Plus – Trading Systems – 24 January 2022

Using Japanese candlestick patterns with plus harmonic pattern

Harmonic Pattern Plus is a powerful harmonic pattern trading system with high engineering functionality. When used correctly, this tool can achieve excellent trading results. One of the trading systems built within the Harmonic Pattern Plus is the Japanese candlestick patterns. The Japanese candlestick pattern provides a visual insight into the buying and selling momentum in the market. The Japanese candlestick pattern can provide both entry and exit signals for traders. Hence, many traders use them as secondary confirmation techniques.

In the trading community, Japanese candlestick patterns have been the trading tool of choice for many traders. Hence, Harmonic Pattern Plus offers you the opportunity to combine the Japanese candlestick pattern with the Harmonic Pattern Trading setup. Harmonic Pattern Plus can detect 52 different Japanese candlestick patterns. These Japanese candlestick patterns include ‘Hammer’, ‘Doji Star’, ‘Harami’, ‘Inverted Hammer’, ‘Break away’ etc. They are categorized under five categories including one, two, three, four and five candlestick patterns in Harmonic Pattern Plus.

To use Japanese candlestick patterns, you must enable candlestick pattern from Harmonic Pattern Plus. See attached picture first. You can enable this function from the Inputs tab of MetaTrader after attaching Harmonic Pattern Plus to any chart. Then you can turn the individual style category on and off according to your preference. For example, you can use only two or three candlestick patterns if you wish. From our observation, two- and three-bar candlestick patterns are more accurate than the single-bar candlestick pattern. Since you can check the historical pattern, you should be able to test your strategy with these Japanese candlestick patterns if you wish. Additionally, you can also receive audio, email, and push notifications when new candlestick patterns are detected.

Although Harmonic Pattern Plus is a repainting indicator, it is still an affordable price with plenty of features for your forex trading. At the same time, it is a not too late indicator. If you don’t mind repainting, you can opt for Harmonic Pattern Plus. You will find many additional features inside Harmonic Pattern Plus besides Harmonic Pattern Plus and Japanese candlestick pattern detection. For example, the pattern completion interval can be used to manage trading risk and the automatic channel can be used to find a better opportunity for a reversal, follow the trend, and many more. We hope this short article was helpful for you to understand how to open Japanese candlestick patterns from Harmonic Pattern Plus. We wish you the best forex trading experience.

Below is the landing page of the Harmonic Pattern Plus with the features of the Japanese candlestick pattern.

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