Vault Hill Raises $2.1m Pre-Seed Fund

Adedapo Adesanya

Vault Hill, the world’s first human-focused blockchain-based metaverse, has announced the completion of a $2.1 million preliminary round.

The funds are secured from the private sale of its original token, $VHC, and come from transactions intended to support the development of the Metaverse designed to enhance the human experience.

The round will be led by Master Ventures, with strategic investments from angel investors such as R-930 Capital, Unreal Capital, Spring Dawn Ventures, Evan Rusla, Hard Ventures, Lithium Ventures, Gilnas Capital, Ferram Network and Trust Swap. I was.

It is a constructive metaverse approach that focuses on basic human instinct that allows users, creators and developers to explore unlimited creative freedom while monetizing creating in a secure ecosystem. Helps companies humanize technology by creating…

The first round of funding wraps up the to-do list, but the second round of funding, the $VHC Token Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO), will take place for eight major lunches from January 10 to 23, 2022. In progress at a panel, the launch of Matic. Kommunitas, Lithium, Moonstarter, TrustSwap, SuperLauncher, Coinxpad, Trustpad.

Vault Hill has already sold US$VHC to MaticLaunch (raised $100,000) and Kommunitas (raised $145,000), and the lithium IDO program has ended. However, $VHC will be available for purchase on Moonstarter starting Thursday, January 13th, to be followed by four more lunch stands.

Jimmy Dowdo, founder and CEO of Vault Hill, said:

Although the Metaverse is not yet operational, Vault Hill already has six partnerships with global brands (particularly digital wearables and health and wellness improvements) that will create virtual offices in the Metaverse, which launched in the first quarter of 2022. I secured it.

Additionally, the Vault Hill community is constantly growing, with approximately 90,000 #VaultHillers currently being used by all social media platforms.

Given the burgeoning blockchain industry and the fact that there are several Metaverse projects already in place, Vault Hill has received a great deal of interest from prominent venture capitalists, companies and individuals. He claims to be.

The first unique distinguishing factor is the human-centered nature of the Metaverse. The infusion of human elements into the Metaverse means that Vault Hill does not provide a remote and unreal concept, but a platform that users can engage in realistically. This means that users can do everything they do now in the physical world.

Users interact with others, establish romantic connections, play games, improve health and well-being, oversee art, buy virtual land, own NFTs, $VHC tokens or other seven areas with the theme of basic human instincts and functionality, where you can safely trade platforms that Use your chosen cryptocurrency and explore more. The potential of the Metaverse as a world where users explore different aspects of themselves and generally feel more human each time they visit, is undeniably very exciting.

Second, Vault Hill is the first virtual world with urban planning and development benefits to enable users to respect and create virtual lands (VLANDs).

Users who own virtual land in Vault Hill City are free to create anything they can imagine on their land. This can extend to fitness centers, fashion studios, art galleries, museums, and even libraries, where other users can earn money by running projects on their land. Alternatively, the landowner can choose to keep the VLAND and sell it later at a higher market price.


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