Volume Spread Analysis Indicator List – Trading Systems – 15 January 2022

We offer three different indicators for analyzing the volume of spreads and tools based on volume. Our volume diffusion analysis tools are a combination of volume diffusion analysis and signal processing theory.

These tools will help you complete your trading decision with high accuracy. As long as you understand the concept of area of ​​accumulation and distribution in volume spread analysis, these tools will help you to predict the existence of the area of ​​accumulation and distribution. Thus, you can anticipate the best trading opportunity.

First, the Volume Spread Pattern Indicator is a powerful volume spread analysis indicator that works across multiple time frames. The Volume Spread Index indicator will not only provide a bearish and bullish volume spread pattern in the current time frame but will also detect the same patterns across all timeframes. You only need to open one chart and you will be notified of bullish and bearish patterns on all timeframes in real time.

This is the link for the Volume Spread Pattern indicator.




Secondly, Volume Spread Pattern Detector is the lite version of the above Volume Spread Pattern Detector. This is a free tool with some limited features. However, thousands of traders use the Volume Spread Pattern Detector. In particular, it works great with support and resistance to confirm the turning point. This is a free tool. Just take one.




The Volume Spread Pattern Indicator and the Volume Spread Pattern Detector both work well with the Hyper Momentum Indicator as the Hyper Momentum Indicator helps to detect the potential accumulation and distribution area automatically. Thus, if you are using an excessive momentum indicator, you can use an indicator between the Volume Spread Pattern indicator or the Volume Spread Pattern detector. In addition, we provide a YouTube video of performing the basic operations of the Hyper Momentum Indicator.

YouTube video (Excessive Momentum Indicator): https://youtu.be/oztARcXsAVA

Youtube video (explanation of excessive momentum indicator): https://youtu.be/A4JcTcakOKw

Here is a link to the Hyper Momentum Indicator for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.




Third, we introduce the volume area oscillator. This is another useful free tool that uses volume information for your trading. You can use these tools to analyze volume spread, harmonic pattern, Elliott wave pattern and X3 price pattern further. This is a free tool. Just take one.


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