“we are building a secure lending platform on cardano”

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start ADALend CEO Caspars Coskins Interview Series is one of the most promising companies that have revolutionized the lending industry by using blockchain technology to broker traditional brokers. Low interest rate environment. I hope you’re as excited about this conversation as we are, so let’s dive in.


Hi Kaspars, we know you’ve been a busy man in the open house lately ADALend We’ll be renting platforms and tokens this quarter, but thank you for your time today. Let’s start on a very high note – for those of us who are new to decentralized finance and cryptocurrency (or the recent trend of Web3), what is ADALend’s elevator pitch?


I am honored to be here. We’re happy to share more with the audience about what we’re building with ADALend and how to get involved, but first let’s sum up our mission in layman’s words.

We are developing a scalable, reliable and decentralized lending protocol that accommodates users in an autonomous environment. From day one, we promised to build the Cardano blockchain locally. This will enable lending platforms to assemble protocols that underpin business models that provide financial support to billions of users.

ADALend restores the balance of power between lenders and borrowers. By allowing the use of digital assets as collateral, the use of the platform will be diversified for the benefit of the user.


Thank you all. For example, can you tell your audience more about why you should choose the Cardano blockchain when a DeFi project built on a new blockchain like Ethereum or Solara is already successful?


In fact, Ethereum has high transaction costs, so let’s start by explaining that it is no longer available to the vast majority of people on the planet. Ethereum gas prices have reached hundreds of dollars per transaction over the past year. This may be unacceptable to the general public in Western Europe today, but for the millions of unbanked people in developing countries in Africa and Asia, this renders ETH useless. So, Ethereum will be a Layer 2 blockchain for the wealthy, and the newcomers you mentioned like Solana are having issues with centralization and reliability. Carsano is the only truly decentralized blockchain with the security, speed, and low transaction fees needed to provide a truly democratic financial solution that can be used by everyone on the planet – and our vision perfectly aligns with Cardano Charles Hesokins who is passionate about improving economic outcomes for people around the world, regardless of Race, nationality, gender, or financial status.


Thank you all. These are really powerful Kaspars words. Fortunately, there are projects like Cardano and platforms like ADALend that can realize this vision of democratic inclusion.

So, in addition to our mission to do good to the world, many of our readers are thinking about how to manage their own portfolio, conserve capital in this high inflation environment and get good returns. Professional Small Business Owner. Interest rates are very low. People are frankly returning to the crazy macroeconomic environment we face today in the United States, Europe, and many other parts of the world of developers, retirement eggs, and college kids. I see a significant reduction in funding. How can these hard working middle class people benefit from ADALend?


Well, that’s the back of the coin, right? One of my personal sources of inspiration for finding AD Alend was working in the traditional retail lending space with credit union savings in my native northern European home, Estonia. I saw for myself that people were really worried about their future because people couldn’t get proper interest rates in the banks and prices and living expenses were going up much faster than salaries. Banks are restricted because interest rates are set by the Federal Reserve System in the United States and the European Central Bank in the European Union. I started investigating Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as a way to get returns from my family’s savings. This prompted me to dig into the rabbit hole and take me here today.

Our commitment to ADALend lenders is to beat the market by betting hard-earned savings in the form of Cardano (ADA) or ADAlend tokens (ADAL), or stable coins like USDT and USDC. It is to provide a safe and secure lending platform that can be undertaken. Produce it in high single digit ratios or low double digit ratios. The ADALend platform is highly liquid with no long-term restrictions, allowing lenders to earn interest while their savings are ‘bet’ on the platform and can be withdrawn at any time.

The other side is the borrower. Many small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed people buy cars from traditional banks, pay off their homes, invest in businesses, and finance their dream vacations. You may find it difficult to borrow money because of this. At ADALend, we do not run credit checks nor do we care about payroll history. Traditional banks and creditors do not recognize digital assets as collateral. We offer additional collateral lending facility to those borrowers who can bet on digital assets such as Bitcoin, Cardano or other major cryptocurrencies and lend US Dollars or Euros to their holdings. …this provides crucial liquidity to the many hard-working professionals and self-employed who have previously been neglected by banks. Incidentally, this type of leveraged access loan has been used by the 1% of the world’s richest people to finance their lifestyles, investments and tax optimization for decades. I did. ADALend now offers these financial solutions to everyone who was once a rich man of privilege.


It’s a really noble goal. And I would love to see you help the middle class like us and the poorest people in the world.

Let’s talk about partnerships, investors, and technology. We understand that DeFi and CeFi (central finance) are very competitive areas, especially ahead of Dex’s March 2022 Initial Offer (IDO), but without all readers signing a nondisclosure agreement. What can you share in this field?


Certainly, you have succeeded thinking, as Space is becoming more and more competitive day by day with other new projects building DeFi on other blockchains and CeFi incumbent like BlockFi. , we need to choose what we can reveal. But I can share some ideas with you today,

On the technology side, the Cardano blockchain will enable ADALend to enter the vast digital cash management market. ADALend is expanding the possibilities of liquidity using the blockchain by creating technology that allows anyone to delegate digital cash to obtain loans. We aim to be a citizen of Cardano in everything we do, build a platform using Haskell and Plutus, and operate within the existing limits of this blockchain smart contract. ..

In terms of partnerships, Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) has included ADALend in its “Cardano Core List” of projects that are part of the ecosystem that supports and provides products and services to Cardano users. We’re also listed on CardanoCube.io and our business development team is working hard on some exciting partnerships that will be announced in February and really move the needles, so check out this space!!

In terms of financing, we are pleased that our highly respected venture capital, as our lead investor, has formed Moonwhale Ventures and our own sales are nearing completion. We are currently in a very good financial position and are more selective about who we raise money from, because we don’t want to prioritize venture capital over individual investors like many projects do. We also maintain appropriate assignment of ADAL tokens in the community.


This is great news Kasparas-I I often hear that new crypto ventures offer huge stakes to VCs and that enterprising investors are throwing them away in retail stores. As the most comprehensive and experienced junior investor in ADALend, you give accredited small and medium-sized investors great access to private sales, which was once a protected area in VC Elite. It looks like he’s there.

After today’s discussion, I am very excited to participate and am convinced that our audience is as well. Where can I learn more about private sales, public IDO launches and how to get involved?


Thanks for the kind words and today’s conversation – I really enjoyed it and when I realized how far we’ve come in the past year I still had to squeeze myself in! Sure, we’re in the final stages of our private sale, so if you’d like to apply for an ADAL code assignment for your readers, you can email us. [email protected] With the topic “CEO Interview”, allow our sales team to respond to it as soon as possible. You can find more details on our website ADALend.finance


Thank you for your time with Kaspars. Return to the building.


Thank you very much. We pray for the happiness and happiness of all of you and our readers on this occasion.

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