Who is Camila Morrone? Meet Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend

Camila Moroni Mickey and the Bear is a rising star in Hollywood. She’s the lady who has captured Hollywood’s deadliest bachelor, the heart of Leonardo DiCaprio for years. The two began dating a secret in late 2017. The two have always kept their relationship a closely guarded secret, except perhaps when they sat together at the 2020 Oscars.

Ranked as “The Next Jennifer Lawrence”

Born in 1997, Moroni is an actress and model who is more than 20 years younger than her 47-year-old boyfriend, the Hollywood star. Moroni made her acting debut in James Franco Bukowski’s film and has since appeared in several independent films, including Never Goin’ Back (2018), Mickey and the Bear (2019), and Valley Girl (2020). She received glowing reviews for Mickey, with some comparing her to Jennifer Lawrence, who also had huge success in an independent film.

The Buenos Aires-born actress belongs to a theater family that includes her father Maximo, a former model, and mother Lucia Sola, an actress. Despite having parents in the entertainment industry and even attending the high school that inspired Beverly Hills 90210, Moroni told the Los Angeles Times that she never wanted to be an actress: “I’ve seen them struggle all their lives to be financially independent actors, and I see Moroney remembers that, they’ve I was kind of left out.” There was a lot of anxiety about acting, and it was a topic of conversation—you never know where your next paycheck will come from. I thought: I’m going to college. I’ll get a regular job from nine to five. And of course, I ended up just like them.”

She also walked the runway for the 2017 Moschino Resort Collection, was represented in the Coach campaign with Kate Moss, appeared in Vogue Turkey and Vogue Latin America, and was represented in Topshop ads. However, she has chosen to focus on acting instead. “Being in front of the camera and getting a scene to do it was the best feeling ever. “I never want this to stop!” I remember crying on the way home. For the rest of my life!”

She used to blog and own her own fashion line

In 2019, it expanded its horizons by collaborating on a capsule collection with luxury brand Naked Cashmere. As noted on WWD, the new line “focuses on essential travel pieces—including long-dust jackets, jogging sets, and bras,” with price levels ranging from $85 to $595. According to Insider, the fashion designer previously had a lifestyle blog called cami-morrone.com, where she shared her fashion tips, training routines, and favorite post-workout snacks.

Predict Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win

Did you know that Moroni predicted Leonardo DiCaprio’s epic Oscar win for The Revenant in her blogs? Moroni wrote a short review of the movie in 2015, claiming to be a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, but she was also freaked out by the movie. She then predicted his Oscar win, saying, “The acting of Leo and Tom Hardy was amazing. This could be the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar!”

The couple first met during the Cannes Film Festival in 2017 and were seen spending New Years Eve in Aspen together, according to Cosmopolitan. From celebrating Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday in West Hollywood to their big European vacation in 2018, the couple attended various events together in 2018.

Although they walked the red carpet individually, the two sat very close to each other at the 2020 Academy Awards, which unofficially proved their relationship. In an interview with the LA Times, Morrone also remarked on their age gap: “There are a lot of relationships in Hollywood – and in world history – where people have huge age gaps. I just think anyone should be able to date whoever they want to date.”

She wants to find her own way

The young actress told the Los Angeles Times that she doesn’t expect the project to be “a success overnight,” but it will help her stand out when auditioning for movie roles — and no, she doesn’t quite want to be recognized as DiCaprio’s girlfriend. “I feel like there should always be an identity on the side of who you’re dating. I understand the relationship, but I’m sure it will continue to hold back and be less of a conversationalist.”

Upcoming business

Amazon’s “Daisy Jones & The Six” series is next on its list. She will appear alongside Riley Keough in the musical adaptation of the novel of the same title from 2019. According to Deadline, Camilla, Billy Dunn’s girlfriend and “the center of gravity” of the band, will Morrone. In the series, she “follows the love of her life in his pursuit of rock stars only to discover their potential along the way.”

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