Who is the Comet Man who captured The Peacemaker?

Luckily or unfortunately, superhero comic book publishers have an immense amount of characters. Keep in mind that they have been releasing comics for many years and, for this, there must be many interesting characters that attract more and more audiences. However, if we talk about a large number, it is true that the heroes are not bad, but the villains, that is another song.

Since a superhero stepped on a vignette, the appearance of a villain was the bread and butter and each of these that was hindering the path of the hero had to be different from the previous one, in order to show the weaknesses and strengths of our protagonists in different situations. For the publisher of DC Comics, this is crucial and there are a lot of villains for our heroes. In spite of everything, there are two names that take the cake in terms of a number of villains, which are none other than Batman and Flash.

The mere fact of having to see a different villain for each adventure and so many years of bringing out stories, has made many villas can be seen as something tremendously ridiculous with the passage of time. Who doesn’t remember The Matador from the Daredevil comics? Such situations today would not be seen, but this exists and has been part of the main story of the publisher. The most common thing is to remember it with humor or observe how some reinvent it in today’s artists comics.

Today we have the pleasure of treating a Batman villain who was the most particular and who has returned to be on the lips of many for the wink he has received in the series of The Peacemaker. James Gunn has wanted to pull references to comics for the most purists and has brought out a character who could have thought for his film about Suicide Squad, but in the end discarded it. This is Comet Man that came out in chapter 5 of the series about the character of John Cena and we come to bring you a review of his history.

Comet Man - DC Comics

Origins of Comet Man in the comic

Known as Charles Brown, mainly due to the nod to the character of Snoopy, Comet Man or Kite Man as he is known in his native language he first appears in Batman #133, being a batman villain and wreaking havoc in Gotham City. Its creators were Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, both in charge of the Dark Knight artists series at the time. Not complicating himself much, this character uses kites to commit his crimes, flying with a large kite tied to him and using the ones he can to finish off his enemies.

The first time it arrived was in 1960, as we have already said, and it presented a wide variety of kites that were tricked in order to test our heroes. His story begins when in Gotham the prisoners begin to disappear from the prison carried by kites. Batman manages to reach one of them and follow her, making it possible for him to arrive at Comet Man’s lair to stop his plans. He would not appear again in the comics until quite some time later and with this, he seemed to become another villain of our hero who would pass without pain or glory.

The years passed without pain or glory in DC Comics

We’ve already announced it, but we wouldn’t see any more adventures from this individual until almost 20 years later. Keep in mind that, without messing too much with the kites, the truth is that he was not a villain who was going to have the pull that others like Joker had, so he would only be chosen for small side stories as he would be seen in 1979. For Batman number 315, Len Wein brought him back, where he was looking for a big robbery using entirely kites with all kinds of abilities.

It would be already in the 80s when we would begin to know more about this character. Until now we only knew that it was Comet Man or Kite Man, but in 1986 we were able to give it a full name. In addition, he began to know the character better, analyzing his obsession with kites since he was little, which led him to become a villain and use that hobby to do evil. In this story he would face Zatanna, Hawkman and Hawkgirl getting a big defeat and not knowing much more about him until much later.

The years were passing and the villain could only become part of groups of antagonists As a secondary, not serving to lead anything or return to star in another story as the main threat. He would not be remembered until in Infinite Crisis the Joker obtains information of his whereabouts, indicating that he was thrown unprotected from the top of Wayne Tower. Despite this, Comet Man did not die and went to the underworld of Gotham, where all traces of his person would be eliminated when he was killed by Bruno Mannheim.

Tom King giving him a chance at Renaissance

Now is when we make a stop at the moment in which the character, really, managed to have a greater weight. Thanks to the Renaissance initiative, the PUBLISHER of DC Comics wanted to give us a new origin for many characters, both heroes and villains. In this way, although not with all, some elements of the past of his classic characters were reinvented, managing to make relevant changes as in this case.

We have to go to the stage of Tom King in Batman, more specifically, towards a saga that was prepared to be the most attractive to the public. Thanks to ECC Comics we were able to enjoy it last year with a compilation volume of Batman Saga, and we are talking about the war that took place between Joker and Edward Nigma, which managed to hook more than one and is the place where The main story is born for our protagonist today.

Comet Man - DC Comics

Retelling his story, we now meet Charles “Chuck” Brown senior aerodynamics engineer who had previously been working with Joker to make some of his vehicles. This made him have to face Batman for the war that took place between Joker and Edward Nigma, but it would not be this moment in which he would become what we have talked about so much.

Observing Chuck’s personality, our Gotham hero sought to use him to work as a double agent, but seeing himself between a rock and a hard place, our protagonist had to betray the two most dangerous criminals in Gotham, which led to the creation of the character of Comet Man, due to the action of Enigma murdering Chuck’s son. Charles Brown Jr. was killed by a poison that Enigma impregnated in the string of his kite, an element that would unleash the appearance of this character.

Filled with anger and seeking revenge on Edward Nigma, Charles Brown Sr. created a hang glider suit for himself and called himself Comet Man, eventually joining Joker’s side. Throughout the war the character was the subject of several taunts until in the final moments of he helped Batman somewhat, but his levels of madness were such that he began a career as a villain. Later, in the moments when Bane tried to take Gotham, this character managed to rehabilitate himself as a villain and return to being a normal citizen of Gotham.

Will Peacemaker revitalize the character in the comics?

Answering the question in this subtitle, honestly, I think not. What we have seen in the James Gunn series is basically a nod to this character and above all to make a reference to the level of heroism that the Peacemaker himself can achieve, since one of his greatest achievements has been to capture a villain as ridiculous as this. Surely after being captured by a hero-villain like Peacemaker, Charles does not “commit” more crimes will be a matter of time.

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