Why did the Eagles trade Zach Ertz? Revisiting the deal with Cardinals after contract impasse

Tight end Zach Erts was traded to the Cardinals of the Eagles in October, and both teams are now in the playoffs. The Cardinals are the fifth seed in the NFC, while the Eagles are the seventh seed.

Since joining the Cardinals, Ertz has played a crucial role in the team, becoming their third-largest recipient. During the regular season with the Cardinals, Ertz completed 56 of 81 passes for 574 yards. He also scored three touchdown points. All these results after he played only 11 games for the Cardinals this season.

So, if Ertz is playing so well this year, why would the Eagles trade him? Here’s a look at why the Ertz trade is back in October.

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Why Trade Eagles Zack Arts?

When Ertz traded during week six of the regular season, Eagles and quarterback Jalen Hurts only used tight ends 22 percent of the time, which was less than the previous season when they were used 35 percent of the time. Therefore, the Eagles took advantage of saving money in their hat space by getting a player and choosing in return.

The Eagles added $5.5 million to its roof space after the Ertz deal, which increased its total value to $21 million. This gives them more options to explore during the off season.

Additionally, the Eagles acquired cornerback Tai Guan in the trade. The Eagles also earned a fifth-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft with the trade.

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Why did the Cardinals trade for Zack Erts?

During the trading week, the Cardinals lost their tight end star Max Williams to a season-ending knee injury. Williams has completed 193 yards and one touchdown receipt in the five games he has played this season. Therefore, at that time, the Cardinals were in dire need of a narrow star.

The Cardinals were also 5-0 at that point with early predictions emerging. They were the last team undefeated this past season, eventually losing to the Packers when they scored 7-0.

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Who became the initial narrow end for the Eagles?

The Eagles turned to tight end Dallas Guedert to fill up Erts. In his 15 games this season (he has missed two games due to COVID-19), he has outpaced Ertz yards for wisdom. Goedert completed 56 of 76 passes for 830 yards. Goedert only tracks wide receiver DeVonta Smith for the total yardage completed by the Eagles receiver this season.

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